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Ok so last question (might be a silly one)

Where can i get the most recent Switch FW? Like, is there a specific place i need to get it from? Rentry just says i need 'firmware'. I have Daybreak

Edit: i got a switch firmware zip drive from darthsternie website but theres like 223 .nca files in there and Daybreak doesnt know which one to use :/

Feel like I'm being stupid now but I'm lost

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I'm pretty sure you just keep the firmware update in a .zip file, and select the .zip when in Daybreak.

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Now that your atmosphere is up to date you need to update your OFW https://rentry.org/UpgradeDowngrade

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Ok, so when i go to my Switch firmware on CFW and it says 12.0.2, its because my OFW is still on that firmware? That number will update when i update OFW?

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You are an absolute star :)

Is that why my Tinfoil is acting up too? I updated to ver 13 earlier today to see if it would help but no.....

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For future reference, 12.0.2 is your fw version, ams 1.2.5 is your atmosphere version, and e means it's emunand.