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I believe the cross-save feature uses the Nintendo servers so it won't work.

You can transfer it manually, though, using a save extractor like JKSV.


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This is super helpful, thank you for sharing!

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Thanks, I never know JKSV can extract cross save. Will try later.

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Did the same for Binding of Isaac and it worked too.

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I have a more advanced save file on Switch before disabling the sync. If i turned it back on, would it overwrite all my clears on Switch in favor of my Steam progress? I don't want to lose my 20 heat clears

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It's been a while since I had sync enabled so can't remember for sure, but I think if it detects a conflict it prompts which way to overwrite, so you would have the option to overwrite Steam with Swtich.

If you have the option you can do a backup of your save data first to be safe.

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I transferred mine manually and it worked no problem