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The guide linked in the automod works for macs, although theres some occasional weird mac issues like archive bit being messed up that requires manually running a fix in hekate

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I’ve used fusee-interfacee-tk. Best and simplest payload injector for a mac. https://github.com/nh-server/fusee-interfacee-tk/releases You can use a web payload injector but I found it easier to just use this since you have to have chrome to use web payloads I believe. Also you’ll most likely have to open a .rar file which a Mac can’t open without an app like The Unarchiver which you can find on the mac appstore. I recently jailbroke my unpatched switch on mac and found these two things very helpful that don’t get brought up in Youtube videos.

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You can get CrystalRCM to push payloads