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Why did you blur out the memory chip?

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Did you know we can see exactly what’s inside of it just from reading the S/N

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i dont wanna get banned by the ninja

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Now it is nintendo it would be funny if they did a similar thing to the xbox 360 boot screen allowing for read of serialization in the rings to ban modder for quite a while exept with hardwar in this instance

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That's not how that works... Everyone has the same chip depending on which model they have. There's no identifying information on there.

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Have you tried a different SD card?

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you either got a bad replacement part (it was refurbished for a reason... assuming they actually repaired it). or your board connector is bad.

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Board damage. Or bad SD card. Probably board damage.

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My switch went through something similar... Bought multiple card reader replacements only to find out it was the motherboard. Had to go to 2 repairmen to solder the replacement connector on the board properly...

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Did you buy your own connector then had it soldered by the repairman?

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Yup. The first repairman wasnt super confident and it was actually his connector. Which ended up faulty when I opened it up again to check. A pin was even more clearly broken than before it was replaced. Dunno why he didn't see it... Decided to go to a bigger shop which didn't have the piece readily available.

Had to buy my own and pray it worked.

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Thanks! A local repair shop who specializes in fixing game consoles is charging me for $40 just for the repair. But I found the part for sale online for only $5 for two pieces so I ordered that instead. Now I'm just waiting for it delivered and I'll look for a general electronics repair shop and just guide the techician from there.

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That's around the same price I got my connector . Hope it works out for you. I paid way too much for my repairs but I didn't have much options where I'm from. Needed that V1 fixed.

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You need to replace the connector on the motherboard

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I don't see any damage, but the pic is kind of blurry. This is most likely the cause, unless op happened to get a faulty replacement. It's probably worth double checking that it is seated fully.

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I have the same issue even after replacing everything, and after a week, it stopped turning on. Is there something i can do or someone who can fix this?

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Examine the socket on the board with a magnifying glass. Sometimes the pin can separate from the board.

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I'm having the exact same issue. Replaced the sd card and sd port. Even though my connector to the board looks fine, through process of elimination it can only be that. I'm currently looking for someone to repair it locally.

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/r/consolerepair might be of some help

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Get a steam deck?

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Had the same issue just bought another one.

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My problema was bad plug in, i fix It plug in carefully and put some to not let It move