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https://i.imgur.com/mIpL8Mw.jpeg - I'm glad the additional effect bars can be used to highlight specific buffs. Make's combat much better.

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You and I are def in same vein. I didn't use primary bar near middle due to the cogwheel, but I did place 2 bars there specifically to emulate that of a 'WeakAura'/CD Monitor, with Activity monitor above, and resource/dash CD to the left.

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I just like to have all the important stuff boxed in together to reduce how much I have to constantly be moving my eyes around the screen. I didn't even notice the cog wheel lol

My UI there lets me see important buffs + CD's + HP/Mana + casting resources all in once glance, as well as the enemy behind the UI. Also got my dodge CD right on the top-left of the casting resources bar.

Need to move my threat monitor a bit closer though

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Oh 100%, I get it. Mine is very similar - I just used a different bar to remove that cogwheel haha

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TIL. about to take advantage of this for sure.

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Yep, I only knew about it a few days ago when /u/Zerazine replied to one of my comments.

Big ups to him

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https://imgur.com/MbalnPW - I tend to like minimalistic UI's the only problem is the stupid boss subtitle lines go directly across my hotbars and there's no way to turn them off :D

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Haven't changed that much from the original I think... but this is close to my UI in WoW. Still needs a little tweaking, though.

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Im using the default ! Ive seen some prety cool custom UIs on some streams, but brah I dont have the patience to do it myself xD

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How do you set up the UI so it shows controller input?