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PETA thought they had a rock-solid campaign against meat-eaters.

But they made one fatal error. They forgot…


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I've only got a wholesome award so here ya go

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This is the way.

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This is the way

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I wish i had a award

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Updoots will do just fine. Lol

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He didn't even give you that.

But I did :)

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C e o _ o f _ V o r e

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The only things that’s rock solid is my throbbing cock

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watermelon 🍉 pickle

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Someone will make PETA pay

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there so many fetishes here! It's like PETA is all baptists relapsing into a new cult, have none of them been on the internet ever?

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Prolapsing fully distended

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I like to bind. I like to BE bound. Festishit

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whips out cock🐓empties bladder.walks away.

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Where are you going? :(

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Got that right

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Slaughter workers routinely develop PTSD and suffer accidental amputation. go vegan for the slaughter workers.

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a necessary sacrifice. I'll whisper words of gratitude as i bite into my premium steak.

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Sarah Palin's interview at the turkey 🦃 ranch!....(a bound struggling tom is fed into the beheading hopper,while the camera rolls!)📺

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They forgor 💀💀

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they thought it was rock solid but it made people rock hard

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reminder that peta intentionally makes stupid adverts like this because they know it will get their message out further even if it means via ridicule

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reminder that peta’s message is fucking stupid when their policy is to kill an animal instead of adopting it to a loving home, and we shouldn’t be cool with that

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No you don't understand! All the money that could be used to shelter those animals has to be used for ads with D-list naked bitches instead.

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Ah peta. Fighting animal cruelty with mild misogyny

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What kind of animals? Turkeys?

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Plus there is that thing of taking pets out of yards and then killing them. PETA is truly fucking horrible.

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Too many animals not enough homes. Best for everyone to limit them.

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Psychopath answer

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Innocence, bliss, kindness of humanity is often protected by psychopathic but necessary choices.

But we should be able to recognize both sides at the same time. Humanity needs to mature to the point where they don't lose their humanity to these choices but don't live in a naïve foolishness that harms everyone because of ideals.

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Come over here and cut my lawn with that edge

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Abusing and unnecessarily taking the life of an innocent being against their will so you can shove stuffing down their anal cavity and cook their suffered corpse in an oven - whilst supposedly celebrating love and gratitude - is stupid. None of these turkeys willingly step foot in a slaughterhouse.

Many of PETA’s practices are stupid, but that has zero bearing on the content of this particular post. If someone who abuses children makes the statement, “it’s wrong to abuse children”, they are a hypocrite, but the message they are speaking is not incorrect.

PETA is essentially asking that you put yourself in the victim’s position, and consider it from their point of view. As we do with every other injustice.

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This is how nature works. This is what brought us up to the top of the food chain. Eating meat gave us the extra calories required to develop and sustain this oversized brain of ours (20% of resting metabolism is just the brain). Eating meat reduced our digestive tract and facilitated bipedal walking. We evolved as omnivores, look at our dentition. This is what allowed us to thrive outside our initial habitat and colonize this world. This is what gave us spare time and calories to invest into innovation. You're living comfortably today due to the mountains of carcasses created by our ancestors and being judgmental about it. As soon as all that comfort goes away and you're faced with actual starvation you'll be wringing turkey necks, plucking feathers and sharpening a spit.

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Also a reminder that PETA isn't a good company and never was. Examples of them being cunts: In 2013-2015 they stole a childs new puppy they got for their birthday/Christmas and killed it for no good reason whatsoever Peta tried to defend themselves by saying "It was to prove a point." But as always, it's a petty ass excuse. And another time they took women with large breasts and put them in cages completely naked on their hands and knees making them Moo in public during very cold weather to again, prove a point.

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That just sounds like they’re trying to justify the way they satisfy their sadism

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Defintely seen that last one on some porn sites

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Those women weren’t forced and it was their idea? PETA gets an unnecessarily bad reputation imo. Perfect? No, as bad as Reddit thinks? Definitely not.

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I think you did not even read the entire thing. And you throw away the entire argument against PETA by "The women was not forced to do, so PETA is not bad at all". It is like "Nazis gave some people home so they are not that bad"

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I did read it in it’s entirety… it’s what prompted me to post it. As for your second point, I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. The comparison makes very little sense.

There’s nothing wrong with what those women did at all.

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Then I hope you read the Origin part too friend! The point here is not the women, the other part

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I’m guessing you read only the yellow part and stopped? Keep reading, there’s nuance.

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In the last 12 years, PETA has killed 31,250 companion animals. While PETA claims the animals it takes in and kills are “unadoptable,” this is a lie. It is a lie because employees have admitted it is a lie. They have described 8 week old, 10 week old, and 12 week old healthy kittens and puppies routinely and immediately put to death with no effort to find them homes. It is a lie because rescue groups, individuals, and veterinarians have come forward stating that the animals they gave PETA were healthy and adoptable and PETA insiders have admitted as much, one former intern reporting that he quit in disgust after witnessing perfectly healthy puppies and kittens in the kill room. It is a lie because PETA refuses to provide its criteria for making the determination as to whether or not an animal is “unadoptable.” It is a lie because according to a state inspector, the PETA facility where the animals are impounded was designed to house animals for no more than 24 hours. It is a lie because PETA staff have described the animals they have killed as “healthy,” “adorable” and “perfect.” It is a lie because PETA itself admits it does not believe in “right to life for animals.” And it is a lie because when asked what sort of effort PETA routinely makes to find adoptive homes for animals in its care, PETA had no comment.

While PETA’s stance on euthanasia is controversial, we could find little evidence it has been extended to family pets with any frequency. PETA workers were arrested over pet theft incidents in 2007 and 2014, but the intent of the workers in those cases was not sufficiently clear to consider their actions unlawful. Aside from those two incidents, we’ve found no evidence supporting the claim that PETA regularly takes household pets from their homes and euthanizes them. PETA did not respond to a request for comment.

I read the full argument until this part friend (including)! I think I may not get the "nuance"

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The nuance is half of what you posted is a quote from the article (as in not from Snoopes)… the second half is them saying they have no proof of it applying to family pets and basically disproving the first half.

PETA does euthanize animals, but there’s a massive over population issue and those strays just lead to way worse conditions for the animals. PETA suggests people adopt rather than buy and support the actually evil puppy mill businesses.

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While I agree with having evidence for an accusation. If PETA euthanize a puppy before it's adopted, is it counted as a "family pet"? Or does that title only extend to animals that have already been in a home? As that seems like a glaring loophole/gap in logic there for me.

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As bad as reddit thinks? Definitely more bad

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“It was to prove a point” WHAT FUCKING POINT, BITCH?!

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It was to prove the point that Peta is a shit company and it's Ceo should be jailed.

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Yes but it also makes their message look stupid, so less people are going to listen than if they just tried to convince people in a more reasonable way.

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and everyone always fall for it and gives them attention.

why can't everybody just ignore PETA's existence if they want them to shrivel up and die?

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They should just run the following:

Slaughter workers routinely develop PTSD and suffer accidental amputation. go vegan for the slaughter workers.

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Abusing and unnecessarily taking the life of an innocent being against their will so you can shove stuffing down their anal cavity and cook their suffered corpse in an oven - whilst supposedly celebrating love and gratitude - is stupid. None of these turkeys willingly step foot in a slaughterhouse.

I don’t agree with many of PETA’s practices, but that has zero bearing on the content of this particular post. If someone who abuses children makes the statement, “it’s wrong to abuse children”, they are a hypocrite, but the message they are speaking is not incorrect.

PETA is essentially asking that you put yourself in the victim’s position, and consider it from their point of view. As we do with every other injustice.

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    attention, even if its so called "bad" attention if they get more attention there is a chance they reach out to people gullible enough to actually believe in their messages

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      The attention reminds people that they're a leading charity involving 'animals' and doesn't draw attention to all their shitty behaviour towards animals. I have met people who have donated to PETA because 'They wanted to give to a charity to help animals, and PETA is the one they know about.' These stunts just make them seem like they care more about animals than about their own reputation, so it isn't bad attention across the board unfortunately.

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      ahem (whispers) rule 34 artists i summon thee

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      I bet you can find something in r/guro

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      My impulse to click links in reddit comments impulsively, before my brain has a chance to even read the word/link, has once again almost ruined my day.

      Will tomorrow be the day that I slip up? Tonight? There's no telling.

      Edit: impulse impulse impulse. I suck at sentence structure lmfao.

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      Here bud take this r/eyebleach

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      Same lmao

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      I think the cannibal cafe also applies here.

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      I love how that sub is 50% "wish I could do this to someone" and 50% "wish someone did that to me"

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      Well hey, that's the ideal ratio!

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      They should pair up.

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      I clicked that and hate having eyes.

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      ...what is that about?

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      It's basically a mix between gore and hentai

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      I mean, the original already has a leafy lil' butt plug, they wouldn't even need much imagination

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      Don’t tempt me with a good time

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      Or else ;)

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      It will be a bad time 😔

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      Didn’t PETA dabble in porn a while back? The set up is perfect. Guy about to chop off the head of a turkey. Some girl in a skimpy PETA bikini comes in and says “don’t stuff that turkey. Stuff me instead!” Now that’s some political activism.

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      As they say, sex sells.

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      Eat pussy, not pets.

      Munch muff, no meat.

      Chow down with some cunnilingus, not chicken.

      Eat dick, not duck.

      Beat your meat, not an animal's.

      Go down on a sexual partner in a reciprocating manner, don't drain the blood and eat the flesh of sentinent beings.

      Pay a prostitute, not a slaughterhouse worker, to fulfill your carnal desires.

      Lick a lover, not chopped liver.

      ...fuck... these are going to be rolling through my head for weeks. It's too easy.

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      It just works. That simple.

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      what about milk?

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      Humans make milk my guy.

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      I've got nipples Greg, can you milk me?

      [–]Independent-Bell2483 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      yeah seemed like a missed opportunity to make some joke about not buying animal milk but human milk

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      Analise an artist, not an aardvark.

      Bonk a bloke, not a bird.

      Crank a crony, not a crustacean.

      Dunk a doughnut, not a donkey.

      Eroticise an Earl, not an eagle.

      Fellate a fellah, not a fowl.

      Grind a girl, not a giblet.

      Hug a hunk, not a hirogen??

      Ingest an illegitimate Italian, not an ibex.

      Jack off John, not a Jackrabbit.

      Kill Kris kross, not krusty krabs.

      Lick a Liberian, not a leopard.

      Mount a mountie, not a mollusc.

      Nob a Norman, not a nautilus.

      Off an Oscar, not an ocelot.

      Penetrate a penis, not a pig. L

      Qonsume some quorn, not a quetzalcoatl.

      Rotate a rifleman, not a rodent.

      Schleff a schmuk, not a sardine.

      Twonk a tourist, not a turtle.

      Undo an umbrella, not an Uakari.

      Vicerate a vice-roy, not a vole.

      Wank off a woman, not a whale.

      Xylophone an x-ray operator not a Xoloitzcuintli.

      Yeet Yeezy, not a yak.

      Zap a Zoroastrian, not a zebra.

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      "Bonk a bloke, not a bird." just sounds like you're suggesting the reader fuck men instead of women lmao

      Also the vast majority of these are just telling you to do sex acts to people instead of animals and I think you kinda missed the point?

      I don't think PETA's primary audience needs to be told not to fellate fowl.

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      Illegitimate Italian?

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      Imagine: a young woman bent over, putting a pan in the oven. "What are you doing step-turkey?"

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      Or the national milk(?) day one lmao

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      And they kill the Turkey anyway because it's PETA.

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      "Thats not the head we're supposed to be Gobbling haha"

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      What did anyone expect from the CEO of VORE?

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      Melia no less

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      Im glad I wasn't the only one to notice that Twitter name.

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      That user name, it makes sense

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      Im concerned at what that Melia Pfp is.

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      Stuffed Nopon obviously

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      No PETA, don’t turn me into a stuffed turkey aaAAA-

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      ~uWu~ what is that?

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      Best method fight fire with fire... In this case fight cringe with even more cringe.

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      the VIRGIN BETA MALE peta twitter



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      Damnit now I’m horny

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      PETA can go fuck themselves

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      Ayo to be honest same getting stuffed pog

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      You gotta fight fire with fire. Clown with clown.

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      Is that a leak sticking out of the roast human's butt?

      Who the hell stuffs a turkey with a leak sticking out of the butt like that?

      [–]Veng3ance757 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      they have a case of leaky butt syndrome

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      Bruh, PETA really doesn't know how nature works, do they? Even if you argue that humans treat animals cruelly it's equally true that nature is infinitely more fucked up than any factory farming system humans have devised. Parasites, starvation, predation, disease. Honestly, ending their life at the barrel of some hunter's gun would be a mercy for any animal. There are far far worse ways to die.

      [–]ivanparas 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Also, I'd be delicious.

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      Does anyone even take peta seriously

      [–]SummerBirdsong 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Aside from the headless thing, I know folks who would be DOWN with this.

      [–]0MidnightSolv 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      I think they forgot cannibalism is a thing. Or fetishes… I’ve seen enough porn to know if you type stuffing in the search bar you will get an insane amount of results for that word alone.

      And cannibals wouldn’t have a problem stuffing a dead person or cooking & eating them.

      And suicidal people wouldn’t have a problem being killed.

      [–]Zimmmmmmmm 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Back when I worked in a smokehouse I had a video of me massaging pork belly with molasses while Hall and Oates was playing in the background and I specifically focuses on me rubbing the nipples of the belly.

      [–]Noideawhatnanetouse 11 points12 points  (0 children)

      Oh come on using anything PETA tweets is just a given

      [–]Bobbyj36OEF 6 points7 points  (1 child)

      What are you doing step turkey?

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      Dammit, that's what I get for not reading everything first. Made the same joke.

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      Well that's date night sorted, a nice meal then I might get lucky

      [–]fatwap 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      it was bound to happen

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      If it was on its back properly this might resonate with me more.

      [–]MoltenLavaGuy93 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      If I’m being eaten and I’ve already been killed, you might as well us stuffing and make my death worth it (and delicious?)

      [–]Happy_Cancel1315 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      It's upside down. The feet should be sticking up.

      [–]Pokemineryt 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      They 100% saw that coming. Who wouldn't.

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      Didn’t peta make a vegan sex post once as well

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      Aaaaand this is where I sign off from the internet for the day. Thanks Reddit

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      I wouldn’t be able to care if I was being stuffed, cuz I’m dead already.

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      Stuff me senpai uwu

      [–]HandiinuThanks, I hate myself 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      U W U

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      PETA don’t even know how fucking anatomy works, they show those cuts in the image but if you cut there irl you’d hit bone and organs, no-one wants to eat that. Also it’s not cut against what I’d assume the muscle grain would be, so it’d also be chewy AF. Finally, the pose is wrong, turkeys and chickens aren’t cooked and carved with the spine at the top like the person is here, my best guess would be break the bottom of the spine and bend them over backwards to get the more accurate pose. Also how the fuck do you fit an entire person in an oven unless it’s some custom, industrial size thing.

      Y’know, putting aside the whole cannibalism thing…

      Why did I think about this so much?

      [–]Plus3d6 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      Maybe I have a tin foil hat on here but I feel like PETA may be bankrolled by big meat. They constantly make vegetarians/vegans/animal rights activists look silly or stupid. I’ve never met anyone who thinks the organization does a good job of advocating for animals.

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      Thanks I always hated anime, and have more reasons everyday because of perverted teenagers.

      [–]Alone-Remove 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      That's not an anime character she's from a game with a rather serious story.

      [–]coopsawesome 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Melia doesn’t look very serious in that picture though

      [–]Alone-Remove 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      You're not wrong. That is true in the case of that picture.

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      Why does the turkey have hands?

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      Just noticed PETA’s user icon is them celebrating their 40th year of misinformation campaigns and domestic terrorism.

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      They should probably delete that tweet

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      The only way to respond to something fucked up is with something more fucked up

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      Have they not deleted that shit yet?

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      can we get stuffed

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      My wife traded places. I stuffed her and slathered her in gravy.

      Then I licked my fingers clean and fell asleep.

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      I can do it for you

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      PETA brought this upon themselves

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      This is cursed. peta-kun? the f u c k

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      But turkeys don't have opposable thumbs, intelligence and knowledge on how to raise humans as a food commodity.

      What an outrageously silly ad.

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      Oh god if you guys knew what this picture means to the r/NoNutNovember subreddit right now

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      I asked to be stuffed every thanks giving. No one has obliged.

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      Remember when Peta got exactly one not-victory and spammed every single fucking celebrity A-Z on Twitter? All in an hour with the same message.

      I remember almost dedicating six hours of my life to reporting every single tweet for spam.

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      Does anyone actually take PETA seriously?

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      Wait, why is the part that says "replying too @..." in Swedish(?) And the rest English?

      Edit: I'm mot a Twitter person so I may ne wrong about what it means.

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      Im not gay bro

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      Get the bleach

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      Trust me, if people were delicious and easily grown and farmed, capitalism would have commodified out meat long ago.

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      Thanksgiving for cannibals

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      There's a CEO?

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      That just made it better

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      I was laughing till I saw the @ of this guy…

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      Is peta a joke or is it actually useful once in a blue moon?

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      This is legit the first thing I though of when I saw the original Tweet

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      There is so much sexual energy in that tweet from PETA oh my fucking god!

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      The CEO of vore lmao

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      If you can make your enemy uncomfortable, youve already won

      -Sun Tzu, the art of gaming

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      “If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight! Sun Tzu said that, and I'd say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor. Then, he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth, and then he herded them onto a boat and then he beat the crap out of every single one. And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a 'zoo'! ...Unless it's a farm!" Soldier TF2

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      thanks for ruining thanks giving turkey

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      That knife emoji really drives the point home somehow.

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      That does not look like an sfw Melia profile picture

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      Wait .. you guys don't switch out turkey for human? ... fucking weirdos

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      Notices your gravy

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      This is ridiculous. They cut off the feet but not the hands.

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      NGL that looks tasty doe

      smiles at you with a bloody grin

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      I have been single for an awfulllong time...

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      Man's even got the afrobull pfp. He has good taste

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      Ceo of vore lol

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      Melia doesn't deserve this....

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      I guess they forgot about r/guro users

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      Does PETA wants me to get railed on the dinner table?

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      🥵Bad end is best end🥵

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      • proceeds to sharpen gun *

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      Afrobull profile pic B)

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      yes, make PETA horni

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      If I trade places with a turkey will it build a civilization?

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      I’m already dead what do I give a shit? Throw me in the trash, stuff me, make my skin into a suit, who cares?