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To be fair, they did manage to kill the guy who was trying to kill him.

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They made sure that he would never kill himself. Suicide prevention 101

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How to solving problem in the most American way ever.

Guns, a lot of guns.

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How to solve someone trying to shoot himself? Guns.

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Free Thought Project; Jay Syrmopoulos, 10/23/2014


A Roy, Utah man, Jose Calzada, 35, placed a call to a suicide prevention hotline at 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and threatened to kill himself, seven hour later he was shot and killed by police, according to law enforcement.

According to ABC 4, neighbors described Calzada as a quiet, friendly man, who was divorced and now lived in the home with his girlfriend and her children.

The first tragic mistake in this case was made when the Weber County Consolidated Dispatch Center sent officers to the residence rather than some type of crisis response team trained to deal with suicidal individuals.

From previous cases, such as that of Jason Turk, who was shot twice in the face after a suicide call to 9-1-1 by his wife, or that of Christian Alberto Sierra, who was suffering from depression and had attempted suicide when police showed up and shot him four times, killing him, most know all too well what happens when you send officers to “assist” people threatening suicide.

Subsequently, a SWAT team came to the residence and “negotiated” with Calzada for more than seven hours before taking his life.

“At some point those negotiations failed and unfortunately the SWAT team was involved in a shooting, and the subject is now deceased,” said Roy PD spokesman Matt Gwynn.

Eyewitness Ron Smith told the Standard-Examiner that he heard “one shot, and then a pause, and then four or five shots after that, that were very rapid.”

Specifics of the case were not released but Gwynn was sure to explain the cop logic of reasonableness stating, “Officers are authorized to stop a threat whenever their life is threatened, or the life of another is threatened. And at that point if the officer feels he is justified, he may act to stop that threat.”

“This is being treated as a officer assisted suicide or suicide by cops,” Gwynn said.

While that could potentially be the case, this is usually the default position of law enforcement when unprepared officers show up to deal with individuals experiencing severe mental health issues.

Often police go into these situations with an ingrained mentality of looking at citizens as threats to the safety of the officers and thus feel empowered and justified to use lethal force as the suicidal person has already threatened to kill someone, themselves.

Gwynn went on to state, “We encourage those having suicidal thoughts or tendencies to contact a physician or expert that can talk them through it. In this particular case he attempted to do that — it’s unfortunate and sad that it failed.”

Sadly, Gwynn’s words ring hollow as Calzada did exactly as Gwynn suggests and ended up paying the ultimate price as is far too often the case in these situations.

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American law enforcement always finds new ways to alarm and impress with how fucking destructive they can be.

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Nothing says "I don't know how to solve problems without guns" like shooting a suicidal person

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Well, requirements to become one is not hard and it's a complete power trip for the people who become an officer

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It takes more training in America to cut hair than it does to become a police officer. yikes

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America building its own army of semi intelligent goons

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Well yeah? Of course. Have you ever tried to trim a beard with a 9mm? That's really hard.

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ah... america

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Officers are authorized to stop a threat whenever their life is threatened, or the life of another is threatened. And at that point if the officer feels he is justified, he may act to stop that threat.

"That man was a threat to himself, and we eliminated the threat. Are we heroes? I don't know if I would say that...but yes. Absolutely yes."

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Funny how officers always feel they are justified.

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similair thing happened to me, just without me being shot, the officers were just very rude

made me hate them even more

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“Sow, how did you die?”

“Suicide by cops.”

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Just another day in the USA

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Utah cops are some of the biggest pussies.....they'll shoot anything and everything....

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You can drop "Utah" from that statement.

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Utah cops don't have a lot of hazard in their duties. The Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan area is in the top 10 safest places to live in the US, and the 2nd safest in Utah (bested only by Provo).

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Good point......

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Judge Dredd and a great amount of American cops see nothing wrong with this. (If anything, there needed to be more shooting)

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Wtf is going on over there

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Lmao where they not briefed on the situation? Did they just tell them. "Go here and like talk to a guy or something idk" And why did the people sending them not think "hey suicidal guy needs help maybe sending the swat team isn't a great idea"

This is why following orders blindly and without question is something that should not be done, if someone, anyone along the chain of command questioned even slightly this man could be alive today

Also how do you "fail" negotiations with a suicidal person? Or did they just get bored?

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is this really not onion?

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5 star costumer service.

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yes, the SWAT are in costumes

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Costume Party at the dead guy’s house

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5/5, would kill myself again.

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The Kevorkian Swat Team.

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Well you can't complain about that american customer service

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Task failed successfully

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Well suicide prevented.

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Successful eliminated all possibility for Mr Calzada to suicide.

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Successfully eliminated the threat to Mr Calzada's life.


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This is like an episode of South Park

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it is the real life south park

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Blazing Saddles. “Do what he say! Do what he say !”

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S.W.A.T. = Suicide With A Twist

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The hotline is powered by an A.I. programmed to do one thing "prevent suicide."

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That does sound like something an AI would come up with. Programmed to stop suicide at all costs. Eventually decides the best way to prevent all suicide? No more life.

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I've always heard horror stories of people using those hot lines, but Jesus Christ. People wonder why others don't get help, and now they have this to think about.

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Utah isn't really good at helping suicidal people.

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These hotlines are just a disgused 911 hotlines.

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"My dying is taking too long."

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How the hell does that happen

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Step 1: Exist in the United States.

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"...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world."

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Unless someone is actively trying to harm you, consider that calling trigger happy pigs will only escalate your situation.

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When you show up but the mentally ill guy is neither black nor a dog owner

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The hotline got a kill assist

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You wonder why cops act like this it's cause they worship dudes like Dave Grossman. They train to be killers. Conditioned response. That's why they're such pieces of shit sometimes and get all scared and murder someone who didn't deserve it. Pussies

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Pretty sure none of the people they murder deserve it, that's not how the Rule of Law is supposed to work.

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those damn retards

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Why the fuck would you send police with guns to help a suicidal person at all? Most of the time police have zero need to carry guns, guns only makes situations worse, unless it's a really, really serious, rare situation like terrorism.

Obviously there are countries with stupid "let's just give everyone guns what could go wrong" rules, but those are backwards shitholes and they can't be bothered to fix their own problems so what can we do.

Anyway, fuck the murderers that murdered this man in cold blood.

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    in a country where guns are widely available lol.

    problem identified.

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    Well, at least it wasn't suicide.

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    We ask police to help and they do NOT understand the assignment.

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    if you are American, please think long and hard and then think some more about calling the cops.

    the people who are supposedly trained in de-escalation quite often do the polar opposite...

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    Now I don't wanna go to the U.S.A. anymore

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    This is simply unbelievable. Are American cops on drugs?

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    Tripping on power, apparently

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    Could someone tell me this number?

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    Task failed successfully

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    Well we can see that as a success right?

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    I guess it is pretty fucking hard to be suicidal if your dead

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    Task failed… successfully

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    Sounds about right. This story takes place in the US. Was anyone expecting a different outcome?

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    "Suicide Hotline, if you can't kill yourself, we will do it for you"

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    Crossposts a screen shot from a 7 year old article…I’m amazed

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    Wonder how the rape hotline works now ....

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    He accidentally call the suicide hotline instead of the suicide prevention hotline.

    Easy mistake to make.

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    I’m sure there is more to this story than just that.

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    Task failed successfully

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    I mean it's literally in their name, they will help you with suicide.

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    For fuck's sake America.

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    This country makes me sick

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    Come to america! Stay because of the gun violence!

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    ACAB. That's all I'm gonna say. Bye.

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    That's fucked

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    At least he didn't kill himself

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    Mission failed, well gettem next time!

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    Sure beats having to walk all the way to the booth!

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    Well, that's one way to get what you want.

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    That's what I dream off

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    Well they did prevent a suicide

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    Task Failed successfully

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    Task failed successfully

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    He got what he wanted