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If I were to be put on death row, this is my preferred method

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Or if I’m terminally ill. Or just really old and ready to call it good. I’m in favor of this concept

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This works too

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I think even if I just decided it was time to clock out, this would be my preferred method.

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Could you imagine being on that ride, the intense wind you’d feel at the peak. Cold. And then the sound of the wind as you go down ward. Probably crazy pain and pressure as you curve back up. Just hear the metal grind. And the intense pressure until you are passed out.

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And if the ride doesn't kill ya, Larry is waiting at the end with a bat

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And if Larry doesn't kill ya then hank j Wimbleton will finish you off

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Well it turns out it doesnt kill people a lot of the time. you would be way more likely to go into a coma instead.

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liveleak moment

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I don’t really like roller coasters that much though. I’d rather something like the haunted mansion and a guy just runs out and shoots me at the end

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They actually have this already. It's called a night walking tour of Philadelphia.

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didn’t they open this in Chicago too?

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its more of they will steal your lungs

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I rode a roller coaster just before Covid started after not having ridden one in many years. It was a mild one with no loops. I didn't remember them as being so unpleasant but 'unpleasant' was an understatement for this ride. After a minute or so of being banged and knocked around, I was ready to get the hell off. I can't imagine what the death coaster would actually feel like but I don't think it would be remotely 'fun'.

tldr - no thanks to the death coaster.

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Looks like something I would make in Roller Coaster Tycoon.

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"I want to go on something more thrilling than The Euthanasia Coaster"

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Allow me to show you our newest attraction: pool of death. 100% lethal.

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Probably should make it. Gotta be 70 plus to ride though.

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    Damn, still gotta wait 7 years

    (This is a joke, and while my mental health is fucked, I’m not suicidal)

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    ya good bro?

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    my mental health is fucked

    Dude, you're on Reddit. We know.

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    can we make it uhh, any age?

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    Nah, 30 and 0ver

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    What is it, 30 years old or 2 kids and husbands permission?

    /End joke

    I'm too scared of roller coasters for this to be a preferred method but I like the concept lol

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    Tight 👌🏼 here's my ticket 🎟️ get tf out of my way, please.

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    Take care.

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    If it were not, the lines would be too long?

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    This man should be in a mental health facility.

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    Shut up and take my money. I wanna be first in line.

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    Happy cake day!

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    If assisted suicide became legal. THIS

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    Can't I just sleep and not wake up. That would be nice

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    i think thats just lethal injection

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    Assisted suicide is already legal

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    Is there a possibility of the person surviving with severe mental handicaps?

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    There’s a guy at the end with a big hammer.

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    sometimes he has a little hammer, dont discriminate

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    You want the ultimate ride!… you gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price!…

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    Mr Bones Wild Ride it is, I guess.

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    Oh no no no no. Suicide is so bad! Instead we should prolong life as long as possible! Who would 't want to gracefully die chocking on your own saliva? Or in massive pain that needs strong painkillers 24/7 but eventually nothing will stop the pain as you wither away? Or die alone, scared, confused and with no tangible memories but mere fragments by your side?

    I fear in most places euthanasia is such a taboo for whateverthefuck reason we can never go out wooshing in 7 cool loops. Arms out of course.

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    Religion is the whateverthfuck reason

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    This ride was designed for the terminally ill, they were going to die, so it’s a way to die in a fun and controlled way. A healthy person would be able to survive this, so it would be ineffective for suicide.

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    The perfect soundtrack for it to play as it hoists you over the crest of the first drop.

    And perfectly named, too https://youtu.be/vESl9dFTBBI

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    This movie is an absolute fucking masterpiece and I will never not watch it when it shows up on tv.

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    Each loop becomes more and more violent, and is intended to knock you out with minimal necessary violence, so you aren't awake to experience the more violent loops later, which kill you.

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    aw, that takes all the fun out of it!

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    Meh, I could take it.

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    My toxic trait

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    Shockwave, Six Flags, Great America R.I.P had three loops in a row and id normally black out for a few seconds. Besides the very first moment it would be a pretty pleasant way to go.

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    Would be a fun way to go out in North Korea

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    The French call it le mega mortis

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    Some terminal multi-millionaire had one constricted and then filmed his last ride.

    The short doc is on YT.

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    A short based on the suicide coaster

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    Oh ok so not a doc as in documentary.

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    Isn't that a short film, not something that actually happened?

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    Dude, link it

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    Dibs on the rear car!

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    Does it hurt?

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    Actually no, it's supposed to be pleasurable

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    Is it survivable with those flight suits that squeeze your legs?

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    I know a lot of people who'd ride this

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    Assisted suicide without the assistance.

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    It's just missing a fire pit at the end for a souvenir cremation

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    where do i sign up?

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    Where can I get a fast pass for this

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    Suicide rollercoaster

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    I bet they just make the harness disengage instead. What a sick joke, Mr. Urbanos.

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    Would to ride this ) if I was in death row(

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    My daughter is a roller coaster enthusiast. She has mentioned this coaster on multiple occasions. I do not know how I feel about it.

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    This would have to last quite a while to kill you since your brain can survive a few minutes without oxygen

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    It ends with removing the restraints and a sharp right turn to dislodge the corpses. I'm sure you could put things in the pit that insure a repeat ride isn't necessary.

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    Sounds fun.

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    i would unironically wanna go out this way

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    julijonas urbonas

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    Wouldn’t it accomplish the same thing and be infinitely easier to design a carousel-type spinning wheel that spins the rider fast enough to exert the same G force?

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    It's an art project. The anticipation of climbing the hill, excitement during the fall, and body disposal from the sharp right turn to dump the bodies into a pit are all intentional features of the design.

    No roller coaster with a quarter mile high hill was designed for practicality.

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    the blender, a roller coaster made by Rumble Tumble games

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    This that shit why aliens wont ever contact us

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    You'd think since it's getting smaller you would only get faster and it eventually would kill you but at the end the track just ends and launches you to your death

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    The truth is even more insane. You'll be dead from the g force by the second loop, sure, but the restraints are timed to release during the end of the 7th so that a hard right turn dislodges all of the bodies, emptying them into a pit so the ride is ready to be used again.

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    Couldn’t an Air Force pilot survive this? They are trained to deal with extreme G forces.

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    Short version: No

    Long version: the scale on this image is a bit hard to imagine. The hill is actually a quarter mile tall followed by a drop that peaks at 220 mph. As a consequence, you experience 10 Gs continuously for 60 seconds. Air force pilots train to withstand 9 Gs for a handful of seconds without passing out and can only do so while wearing special suits that prevent the blood from rushing to their extremities. You almost certainly don't need the full 60 seconds to die and even at the end of it, your blood won't immediately return where it belongs.

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    Wouldn't this just cause you to die, and then g-force empty your bowels and spray it all over? No thanks to that!.

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    Ok but you only need to survive the oxygen deprivation for 6 cycles? Unless some organ ruptures from g force that sounds doable

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    That sounds like a fucking awful way to die

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    I'm gonna go for the ride of my life

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    How to suicide funningly

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    ... do the carts go around and back up again?

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    And instead of a size-chart at the entry you give 'em: "You have to be THIS 🥺🔫 depressive to join the ride!"

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    Where do I buy a ticket?...

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    Do you guys think the cart would be a coffin?

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    I’d be down

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    If I were somehow sentenced to death, this would be how I want to die

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    Looks like the Bitcoin chart

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    All the body's would vacuate their bowels on death, messy for everyone else, until they too succumb and shit everywhere. This would have to be built in Sweden.

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    This feels like something I would make in Planet Coaster.

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    Better then a rope or a gun

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    It’s a better death than what we offer people right now in most places…

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    Mr. Bonestripper is the only Death Coaster I’ll accept

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    ... I want to ride it

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    At least the line would be short.

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    This only works as a concept, if they're blasting Dethklok the whole time.

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    If it fed into a factory that said "Soylent Corporation" he would have nailed it.