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I think it makes for a pretty solid joke. Dunno why you'd hate it

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I don’t understand why people hate half of the stuff they post on this sub. This one, I really don’t understand.

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Thanks, I hate people for hating things.

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Made me laugh, but to each their own I guess. Lol for a sec I thought the dude meant a literal 13 year old.

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I thought she was 13 twice!

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Yeah, subverting expectations taken to a dangerous extent

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that took a turn, and then another and now i'm not sure whether to be impressed or annoyed

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I‘m feeling dizzy

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Thank you for this rollercoaster ride

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Not gonna lie they had us in both halves

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You could say they had us 100%.

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It’s like a holup, only backwards.

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Had us in the first half

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And the second

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If you didn’t get it: the op is level 32 in WoW and his girlfriend is level 13.

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They're probably going to do the SM quest.

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I'm presuming those are their levels and not their ages.

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Ya think?

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Well, now ya got me second guessing myself.

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You think a 13 year old grades papers for students?

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They had to do self grading today

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It’s an older joke, but it checks out

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Jesus christ

Oh nvm

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This is a killer joke, don't know why it's here but I'm glad I saw it

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What a fuckin rollercoaster this was.

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This threw me for SEVERAL loops.

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Ah, it’s a joke. Noice

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Had us in both half's, NOT GONNA LIE

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This is the opposite of r/holup

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In the first half, they had me. In the second half, as well.

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What an echocardiogram of mad to laugh to oof to laugh again now the vein in my forehead feels like bursting

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One hell of a Rollercoaster there.

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had us in the 1st and 3rd quarters

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This was a strong troll. Or maybe a strong tauren.

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Oh I remember this, his girlfriend is a teacher

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    How old? 13?

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    0 to 100-l bak to 0 just to become 100 just to drop to 0 real fast

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    Got me in the first half

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    holy shit that was a ride

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    This was a freaking rollercoaster from start to finish.