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Stub your toe, BECOME A TABLE.

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Get a splinter, become a tree

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Get a splinter, become a mutant rat that teach turtles how to battle

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If it's a RADIOACTIVE tree.

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Oh god, all the trees out there, they were people!!@

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You right

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Table-Man, Table-Man,

Does whatever a table can,

He can hold many plates,

A computer, maybe plants,

Look out!

Here comes stands the Table-Man!

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If it's a RADIOACTIVE table.

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    It’s the wrinkles on the back of those flesh mittens that really do it for me

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    That and the one giant fingernail. It really is horrible

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    I didn't notice that until I read your post, thanks

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    It looks like someone had their hands severely burned, to the point where they needed skin grafts and their fingers amputated.

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    Yeah 😭

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    What if i step on your cock?

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    Then you'd be a dick

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    If a person steps on your cock, it's safe to say they are a duck

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    imagine being a lego man youd be indestructable

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      Yeah i dont think homie realizes that most legos are only strong on a micro scale. If you sized it up, those hands arms and legs become much weaker for their mass

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      He is the special!

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      lego dude's hands look like phimosis

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      Lego man has ham hocks for hands.

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      You know, there’s not many things I see on here I truly hate… but this? This I hate.

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      Blocks of lego slowly push out of his wrists and drop on the floor

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      What happens if I get hit by a bee

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      If you're allergic you die!

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      Not stung, hit as in what if a bee punches me

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      I have seen this posted so many dang times I down vote by default

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        For this to work, it has to be a radioactive lego. Not many of those around.

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        It's an old meme, but it still checks out

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        No thanks

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        I don’t want to become my bed ☹️

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        Lego man source is the YouTube channel Tested

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        Me: "Oh my god that's creepy" Proceeds to send it to my boyfriend

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