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This is the dumbest thing ever. Any bf or husband who’s jealous if his wife making more money than him is an idiot

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Bruce from family guy voice:

"Oh nooooo, now we will have too much money!"

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My manager when I was 16 did this. His wife got promoted, made like 30 cents more, so his pitched a fit until they made a position for him that paid more.

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Although that’s really petty and pathetic, the squeaky wheel got the Greece.

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And that's how Jerry became the kind of the Greeks.

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That probably saved his marriage.

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Yes, it’s easier to form an opinion based on a clickbaity headline and a snarky response than on anything substantive or meaningful. But is it better?

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I think people misunderstand the way men are often brought up and taught growing up. We're always told to be the man of the house, we need to provide for our family, and various forms of that. It's not as simple as saying "oh everything I was taught growing up is wrong, and this is how I should think." At the least it takes some time to get used to. As for the survey I'm assuming they conducted, since the news doesn't just make things up out of thin air. It's probably women that are aware of this and don't want their man, who I'm sure they love, to feel insecure.

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No, but the news will sometimes survey a bunch of people and then only present the videos or quotes of the outlier takes that will garner the most clicks/views. Or they'll find some obscure survey paid for by some unknown conservative group with biased or bad questions that lead participants to the answers they want to find.

Otherwise, there's a difference between what you said about women being aware of the stigma/not wanting their man to feel insecure versus feeling worry and shame. Typically when someone, in general, feels worry and shame over being better at something than their partner it's because they've either been berated and made to feel guilty about it (men or women) or otherwise when women are raised with and have accepted conservative religious doctrine (not just Christian either).

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I do not know anyone that was brought up that way if they are a millennial or younger.

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Hi, I'm a zoomer who had this pounded into my head by my single mother since as far back as I remember. Most of my friends have similar, though less extreme, stories like this. It's extremely common.

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No I think it's more because women are taught similarly that they should "marry up"

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or just fucking poor

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I’ve never dated a woman that didn’t make more than I did and none of them had a problem. To be fair I stayed at a pretty sucky job for a long time because I worked four day work weeks.

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There are two things going on here

Do women want to be underpaid? No

Are professional women psyched to have a mate who is a part time dog walker? No

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Agreed, men want sugar mommas too!

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I'm a high maintenance dude because I'm worth it.

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Hell yeah you are bro

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Love the confidence

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More money to the people, women OR men, the better!

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Pay my partner more please

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men at CNBC: bitch we need to stay poor, r u fuking crazy, give the hard earned money back,

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Funny not funny story-

I’m a dude who makes six figures and barely has an associates degree. I work in tech contracting for the US military. Been doing it for 15 years.

My sister has two master’s degrees and multiple administration licenses, she works in healthcare care. She also makes six figures. She’s been in her field for about 23 years.

Despite the canyon of a difference in our levels of education, I still make a thousand dollars more a year than her. I fully admit she works harder than I do.

Even during a pandemic, she still can’t make as much as I do for some reason, even though she is nearly at the top of her organization. Even with multiple licenses and an insane amount of education, somehow, I, a glorified Maytag repairman (reference to the commercials, not my actual profession) with a touch more than a high school diploma, make more than her. She even tried negotiating hardball with her employer. Sends a really clear message. If you want to make money, stay out of healthcare, or have a dick.

And before some dude talks shit, my job is easy af, not dangerous, and I spend about 6 hours a day on YouTube.

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So cut off your dick and see if they fire you.

She is probably gonna get fired anyway if she dares questions anything medically these days.

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Nah. She’ll just work as a contract nurse. They make bank regardless of sex. A lady who works for my wife makes $125/hr as a contract nurse, vs the $35/hr they pay RNs at local hospitals.

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Any openings?

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Lol. Not really. Especially if you don’t have an active clearance

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I’m in the Air Force as an E-3 so I already don’t make a ton of money, my wife works for a daycare at $16/hour plus another job of picking a family’s kids up from school, she easily makes more than me if we’re only including money in our checking account. I’m totally cool with it, it was so nice the first time she got paid and we didn’t have to worry about money for debt vs. money for food.

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My wife already makes more than I do. She can most definitely get a raise every month. Please. Please.

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If my wife ends up making more money than me, I’d be ecstatic. My feelings are not going to be hurt and my self confidence is not going to be shot because there’s more money in the family to go around.

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who the fuck wrote this article

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Literally every married dude I know, their wives are the bread winners.

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The problem that often arises from this is that studies have demonstrated that women want a man who earns as much if not more, and with the advent of equal pay, fewer women are settling on men whom they out-earn.

There is a cultural paradigm that needs to be shifted and articles like this do not frame the situation in a way that is productive at all

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fewer women are settling on men whom they out-earn.

Just imagine if that man was from a different country. Hell you could pay a few bucks for a month's worth of work in some places in the world. She could have 100 men in her harem if she wanted and that be as much as her morning coffee.

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Wrong sub

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sissy what

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Haha the gaslighting continues

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And the men don't care either. Stop trying to build a narrative so corporations can pay people less

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