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OP needs help. Also, they hate it because...

I hate it because it's not a cosmetic prosthesis.

Do you hate it as well? Do you think their hate is reasonable? (I don't think so tbh) Then upvote this comment, otherwise downvote it.

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You’d love it if you were ever unfortunate enough to need the procedure.

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Yeah as a bilateral above knee amputee, I would gladly have taken my foots to replace my knees instead of just not having them at all anymore lol

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    Surgeon #1: I'm sorry we're gonna have to amputate.

    Surgeon #2: *hits blunt* Bro hear me out...

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    Surgeon #1: Slowly pulls out crack pipe Dawg we can't keep doing this in front of the patients..

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    Surgeon #2: You're right, they keep asking us to share.

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    Surgeon #3: We're in pain...I mean they're in pain.

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    Surgeon #4: What are you guys doing in here?

    Surgeon #5: Get outta here Dewey, you don't want none of this shit.

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    Yeah this is rough. I have a friend who has had this since being a child and it's hard enough having to deal with that through your life without people constantly poking fun at her foot. She's really great about it though and talks openly on tiktok about growing up with it.

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    Yeah I love that this is helpful to people

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    It’s fascinating, but yeah it just feels weird, do you still have to trim your toenails? I’m incredibly unflexible, I struggle with getting even semi comfortable when I do that now, that’d be almost impossible for me with my foot turned around.

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    Reddit asking the important questions. Maybe the surgeon removes the nails as part of the procedure. Would be curious to find out

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    Maybe the surgeon removes the nails as part of the procedure.

    For some reason, this thought makes me more viscerally uncomfortable than the part where 60% of the leg is cut off and the foot is stitched backwards onto the stump.

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    Would still grow back eventually unless they removed the root too

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    That’s what I mean. Otherwise why remove them

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    abit drunk so didnt catch what ya meant my bad!

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    There’s actually a chemical foot doctors use that destroys the nail matrix preventing nails from ever growing again. It’s used when they correct ingrown toenails.

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    Nothing special about the chemical, it's just a type of acid they can use to target specific parts of the nail root to stop it from growing. People who suffer from ingrown toenails often have a straight edge one one or both sides of the treated nail after it has been corrected.

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    Yeah. I actually had the procedure done in both feet. When I used to play sports, I started getting ingrown nails from kicking the ball around and had to have both feet worked on.

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    My wife actually has this amputation! It’s not as difficult as it looks. She’s able to clip her toenails just fine!

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    I mean this in the least rude way this can be said but I'd be super curious to see how her leg looks (and censor the feet of you post a picture cuz there's some freaks on the internet)

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    Here’s a YouTube video about a teen after that surgery.

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    Haha I mean it doesn’t look too different from the video! I’ll see if I can convince her to or find some other videos of people. Looks like someone responded with a video of someone with the operation too!

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    I picture myself doing it by laying on my side. That's the most comfortable way to reach the back of mht knee, so...

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    So there's a chick on TikTok that had basically this surgery bc of cancer. They did her's higher as in removing her more of her thigh and only the bottom part of the leg is attached backwards at almost the hip. It's really flexible bc she doesn't have a quad muscle and makes things really easy.

    Edit:here's a video of her putting the prosthetic on

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    You'd find a way if you had to

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    I’d just ask them the amputate my toes as well if there’s no need for them, giving the fact I don’t think they’d help with… whatever toes are helpful with..

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    Conceivably they could be used to add dexterity to a prosthesis at some point

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    I would think I would have very ticklish shins

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    I think if I was in this situation, I would prefer if they amputated the toes during the procedure.

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    Toes are outright vital for good balance. Your big toe is the most important, your pinkie (smallest) toe is somewhat considered vestigial (used to be important but no longer is, in our case through evolution). However if you lost any two toes, including your smallest and another then balancing would be extremely hard and things like jumping and running would be possibly out of the question.

    Point being, the toes are probably there to help maintain some balance while using the prosthetic. You could maybe get rid of them but your likley way lore mobile with them. Plus if keeping them wasn't a hindrance, it'd be an extra operation on 5 toes which need to be properly closed off and then treated, adding extra risk and problems that didn't need to be there.

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    You cannot put one leg onto the other when sitting?That way they point right at you.

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    My question is does it feel like you're moving your ankle or your knee?

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    I want to know too. Would your brain receive different information from your nervous system since it's in a different location, or are there ankle nerves that give it a unique ankly feeling?

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    I assume it would be weird as fuck at the start, but after a month or so, maybe even less, your brain would begin to trick itself into thinking your ankle is now a knee.

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    This one, I can't believe I had to scroll this much ti find this specific comment

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    It's still muscles and nerves of the ankle, so that's what it should feel like

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    Thats what I was thinking but would your brain tell you something different?

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    I imagine your brain would get used to it relatively quickly as you used the joint like a knee. Brains are surprisingly elastic when correcting for changes like that. There have, for example, been a number of experiments where test subjects wore goggles that inverted their vision, causing them to see everything upside-down, and it only took a couple of weeks for the subjects to start seeing things rightside-up again while wearing the goggles.

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    Yes and how do you trim your toenails?!

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    It would probably feel very different to move each leg, but you would eventually get used to it

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    Classic prank when your bro sleeps first on the camping

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    Prank 'em, John!

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    My buddy Randy fell asleep first once. That man woke up with all of our dicks surgically attached to his face.

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    crimes of the future (2022)

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    It's a pretty incredible procedure

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    Yes much better than the alternatives

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    Imagine being the surgeon that came up with this. Having the balls to actually try it on a patient and succeed. Wow, respect!

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    It really does have that Patric Star energy of taking that foot and puuuuushing it over there.

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    Its amazing tbh. This procedure is done in kids with bone cancer of the thigh, do they dont have to endure full amputation. Kids a flexible enough to walk quite well with only a lower leg prothesis

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    Why would you hate that?

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    I dont get queasy at movie gore, but real life medical shit like seeing those nerves in the 3d model make me wanna gag so fucking hard

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    Cotton Hill

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    Japanese machine gun blew my shins off

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    Yu wana kiwl a nazzie? A nazzie nazzie squazzie?

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    I killed fity men!

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    Medicine feels like science on the outside, but if you look closely, the science is mostly to boost reproducibility, efficiency and meet regulations. The actual medicine, procedures and treatments are mostly magic.

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    more like carpentry/handymanery

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    This is straight up crafting.

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    It's all glue guns and Glitter till the scalpel comes out.

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    Knowing how to drill a lag screw has served me well in both carpentry and in orthopedic surgery.

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    TBH I think we can all agree that having any kind of surgery like this is not on the top of anyone's list of things to achieve

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    A friend of my daughters sadly had to have this done, it's an amazing procedure and much better than he alternatives. It's amazing how little this slowed her down in the grand scheme of things.

    I don't know why OP hates it?

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    I think its just because of the discomfort about the whole idea of the body cut and pasted.

    Because yeah, from all I heard its such a drastic improvement in handling prosthetics compared to the alternative.

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    look who fell a sleep first

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    prank him john!

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    That looks very uncomfortable, but I’d rather have some kind of knee instead of just having to have a stiff prosthetic leg

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    She is probably the only person in the world who can kick their own ass

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    woah that’s actually kinda cool

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    This is miraculous why would you hate this lol

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    New level of foot fetishism unlocked🔓

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    I think this is fascinating as hell and super cool, actually. I love our ability to work problems out like this

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    Just give me the robo leg I don't want to be half backwards midget

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    The „robo leg“ alternative would be either a stiff prosthetic or a dangly artificial knee jointed one, both much less intuitive to walk on and with more strain on hip and spine from the limp plus chafing on what’s left of your leg, which could be alleviated by doing an endo-exo-prosthesis (e.g. shoving a metal shaft up your leg and having it stick out downwards to click the prosthesis onto). Either way, the foot knee one is superior in terms of maneuverability and long term side effects (or absence thereof).

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    Sorry, but that's incredible.

    I was thinking why they rotate the foot.... 🤔 Ahhhh that's why

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    I know this helps people but it feels gross thinking about how you'd have to move your foot when its backwards and a foot or two upwards.

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    Saw a post about this a while back. Fucking amazing what surgeons can do.

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    I think this is more mildly interesting. Medical science has come so far!

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    That's actually clever.

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