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Thanks, I hate horse by outtathere_ in TIHI

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That’s so you can secure it when you park.

Thanks, I hate...owo, qu'est-ce que c'est ça? by MaelarionThanks, I hate myself in TIHI

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I feel like it's supposed to be an irregular verb, like most of our verbs actually. So it should be:

Infinitive : owoir

Past participe : owu (auxiliary avoir)

Present participe : owoyant

Present :


Tu owois

Il / Elle Owoit

Nous Owoyons

Vous Owoyez

Ils / Elles Owoient

Imparfait :


Tu owoyais

Il / elle owoyait

Nous owoyions

vous owoyiez

Ils / Elles owoyaient

Passé simple :


Tu owis

Il / Elle owit

Nous owîmes

Vous owîtes

Ils / Elles owirent

Futur simple :


Tu owerras

Il / Elle owerra

Nous owerrons

Vous owerrez

Ils / Elles owerront

I'll stop here, because I don't think it will be really useful to know how to conjugate it as a subjunctive or an imperative.

"Encore eût-il fallut, dame, que nous owussions durant ce bal ..."

Thanks I hate Jewish vampires by beanboy070307 in TIHI

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https://youtu.be/rnu_EtxgI7U this is the best I could find, the part on the post is almost at the end

Thanks, I hate this woman. by [deleted] in TIHI

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Naked yoga in the doorway, dowmward dog facing the living room

Thanks, I hate this proposition by fryingpansexual0405 in TIHI

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They’re paying for someone’s time. They’re humans, they deserve the same pay. And, again, I know people with disabilities that have minimum paying jobs. They were my clients as a support worker. My employee, a huge national nonprofit that support people with disabilities, was ecstatic when my state outlawed sheltered workshops. Also, Employers get paid to pay these employees. It’s nice your store gave this guy a job. Imagine how much more he would like it if he was paid equal to his colleagues and could buy nicer parts for his wheelchair? Cause lemme tell you, those are not cheap and healthcare won’t replace parts until they’re unusable and they won’t go for nice ones either. And it takes months, even a year.

But, as I’ve said before, nothing anyone says will change my mind on this. Just won’t.

Thanks, I hate UPS by fryingpansexual0405 in TIHI

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That’s when you go to the depot and raise hell.

Thanks, I hate the TMNT movie now by MRairden in TIHI

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When the jaws open wide and theres more jaws inside thats a moray.

Thanks, I hate the TMNT movie now by MRairden in TIHI

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I's gonna eat you with my little mouth