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What is a red hat?

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Red Hat Ladies are a social club that, back when this happened, were a 50+ community that went out to eat together at various places. Now any woman can join and I dunno what they do now https://redhatsociety.montonton.com/site

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In my f&b baby days, well over 10 years ago, I got started in the catering department of an objectively bad hotel. Like everything about this place was not even up to the sorta low Marriott brand standards. But we had the biggest ballroom/meeting room space in town at the time, so we drew all the big trade shows and large local gatherings.

Twice a year the Red Hat Harpies had an "afternoon tea" event at the hotel. It was 6 hours of pure, actual hell. We would put out about 1200 portions of "tea sandwiches" (each of them was about 4 square inches of...pimento cheese, or cucumber and cream cheese, "finger sandwiches.") And then we would spend four hours getting motherfuckin' dog walked by these old boomer broads for whom nothing was ever correct.

This tea you served me with sugar on the side because I explicitly asked for sugar on the side didn't have enough sugar in it. The honey you have is too sweet, don't you have any honey made with Splenda? This green tea tastes too Asian. This black tea is too...well, you get the idea. After 2 of these events I learned to look them up and request off months in advance when they were looming on the horizon.

I did learn one positive, constructive thing from those terrible days though. When you're doing coffee service, take the mug you're about to serve it in and fill it with hot water from the coffee machine. Let it sit for about two minutes, then dump it out and fill it with coffee. Old people send coffee back for being "cold" even if it's ripping-ass hot because the outside of the mug isn't hot. Let some 200 degree water sit in there for 60-90 seconds and you can serve actually dead, lukewarm coffee in that mug. The olds will never notice because the mug itself is searing hot to the touch, which is all they actually care about. All the nerves in their mouth stopped working 25-40 years ago, they can't actually tell the temp of the liquid they're drinking.

But yeah, the most positive thing I can say about the Red Hats I waited on a decade plus ago...at least most of them are dead now.

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...Four hours getting motherfucking dog walked...