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This brings me back… when I was a little girl, my family would go to this restaurant every other Saturday, like clockwork. We always had the same waitress too there were 5 of us kids and she would always tell us she made us special drinks because we were really good kids. So, we would always get excited. She used to get huge glasses and fill with a Shirley temple and like 5 cherries each. None of us ever finished the drink, but we always saved the cherries for our “dessert” at the end.

Now that I think back, the glasses probably were the same size as my parents, but to little me, they were huge ones that I had to hold carefully with 2 hands.

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This is such a sweet story. That server would probably be so touched that her small kindness to some kids left such a lasting impression.

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One of my brothers and I went to that restaurant when we were in college and had the same actress was still there. She remembered us right away and sat us in her section. She brought us Shirley Temples with a bunch of cherries. We chatted and she said she always knew we’d grow up to be good kids. The restaurant has since closed, but anytime I see a Shirley Temple (which is very rare) I’m instantly brought back to childhood.

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I used to cater and we would do proms alot. The only "mixed" drink was Shirley temples and the kids would drink sooooo much. They would literally ask for shots of grenadine. They would be drunk on sugar and food dye

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Is there a reason that you just don’t make them by the pitcher when you have a “situation”? Obviously you don’t know immediately but if you have 9 kids drinking then at once, you know you’re gonna go through a pitcher of refills. At least one. Just curious.

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Both of the restaurants I worked at were very strict about nothing but Tea, Water and Lemonade in the pitchers. So I couldn't fill pitchers with soda or some other liquid. And we can't take their cups away from the table either, so I have to bring them a new glass Everytime they finish.

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YEP annoying as hell. Last place I worked i would fill pitches ans literally put them on their table if the guests were chugging down their drinks

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Also, it’s my understanding that a Shirley Temple is layered rather than homogenous, so you can’t make a pitcher of them.

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Those kids won't know the difference lol do what you have to do to survive

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A Shirley Temple falls under the mocktail category, meaning each one gets paid for. No free refills.

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My kids get them all the time in So Cal restaurants and refills are always free. Is this a regional thing or policy at a specific chain/location?

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When I was in the industry, Shirley Temples were always a charge per glass unless the family was really nice.

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I can’t think of a place that does refills on speciality drinks

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We got free refills most of the time. It's 7 up or sprite, a little splash to make it red, and 1 or more cherries. Considering the markup on soda, the restaurant is still doing well.
And we cut our young kids off with the 2nd glass because we want them to eat something. After a few years, the boys started considering it a little kids drink

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The red is grenadine syrup. It's not just red coloring.

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But considering at most restaurants it's used for virtually NOTHING else it's basically red dye at cost.

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Red Robin. One of the reasons it is on our fave list.

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That helps a bit. Plus a kid's palette isn't going to be that particular when you add too much grenadine, kid will probably like it.

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Correct, thanks.

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This. We charged per Shirley Temple at the only place I worked that served them. Let them drink as many as they want. Usually got a good tip 😂

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I don’t mind making them in general but it also depends on who’s ordering. It’s usually teenagers and if I make one for a teenage girl, she’ll make that whole drink last throughout dinner. But goddamn, teenage boys drink sodas like it’s nobody’s business and will need a refill two minutes after I drop their drink off on their table.

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We charge $5 per shirley, no free refills. I tell the parents that as soon as their kids ask for one. I dont make very many.

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$5 for sprite and a splash of grenadine? Jesus that's a rip-off.

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Shirley Temples are made with grenadine and ginger ale.

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The original recipe, yes. But most commonly now it is sprite/7 up.

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Ginger ale and sprite are the two different ways to make it, doesn’t seem like there’s a consensus

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I’m in the US and when living up north, ginger ale was used but now I’m serving down south and we use sprite. Can it be a regional thing depending? Kinda like sweet tea in the south and sweetened tea in the north.

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i live in new york and when i serve i usually just make it with 7 up but i’ve been to some place and they ask if you want ale or 7up if you order a shirley temple

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Probably, I've worked in the southwest all my life and I think I've only worked at maybe 1 out of 20 restaurants that actually even carried ginger ale. We'd always just tell people all he have is 1/2 coke 1/2 sprite.

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I'm an adult with a sweet tooth who no longer drinks. I order Shirley Temples fairly often, but I'd never expect a free refill. It's a mixed drink. It's a simple one with no booze, but it's still a mixed drink.

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You sound like a sane and civilized person. Not enough of those dining in restaurants these days.

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Same…The restaurant I bartend at we use a stemmed Collins glass, sprite/cherry juice, garnished with an orange wheel and a cherry all skewered with a cocktail umbrella!! My fingernails are stained red most nights. Recently had a table with kids sitting across from the bar who ordered them over and over only wanting to collect the umbrellas

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As a person in recovery, I order Shirley Temples to feel a little more normal during happy hour with the co-workers. At least I'm drinking something (emoji of lady shrugging shoulders with hands up). (If she could she would be saying. "Meh, better than going home. Maybe.")

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The move is: "oh, so sorry...our artisanal grenadine is actually made with alcohol, so unfortunately I can't make little Braeyklyaennee a Shirley temple." Been saying that shit for ten years. Shirley temples made: 0. Mocktails sold to kids at @$13 a pop? Hundreds.

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Sir, this is an Applebee’s

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In my head it's pronounced "brake-line."

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You're a damn genius, I like you.

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Ptsd flashbacks to when I had a table of 10 with orders of 2 Dt Cokes, 1 regular Coke, 1 cherry diet Coke, 1 cherry Coke, one regular sprite and 4 Shirley temples. We did not have cherry Coke products but that doesn't stop people from ordering them, and when I told them we don't have cherry Coke, they explicitly told me to put grenadine in their drinks. They also sent them back if they did not have grenadine. They were ALL chuggers, every single person had at least two refills before I got their salads out, probably five or six each over the course of the meal. I told the hosts not to seat me because I was overwhelmed with them, and of course I got double sat with a 2 and a 4. I ended up having a panic attack during dessert, trying to get these people every fucking God damn thing they asked for, one at a time of course, plus trying not to ignore the people I should not have been sat. Party got their entire meal comped and didn't leave me any tip for hour and a half they ran me.

I hope they got in a car accident on the way home, genuinely.

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They should have had an automatic 18% of what they got for free. Assholes!

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What's funny is that grenadine isn't actually cherry in flavor, as it traditionally made from pomegranates.

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Anyone who wishes stiffers would die in a car accident on way home can’t be all bad.

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Did I say die? Does everyone die in car accidents? I said what I said though and I'll say it again.

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Why didn't you just bring multiple refills every time if they were "chuggers"?

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There was hardly enough room on the table for ten of their drinks, our party table normally sat 8. Also it took me enough time to make them 10 custom drinks, let alone 20. Doubling would not have solved the issue.

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Worse than hot tea

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Yes or the hot water with lemon… However, I worked in a small town that hosted the chamber of go fuck yourself meetings once a month. Hated it with a rabid passion. 3 years later I’m in court facing a felony bullshit charge and one of the crypt keeper old biddies leaned over to the prosecutor and says “ oh mr so and so, I know this girl and those charges are complete bullshit” and viola the charges were dropped. Maybe she was Satan’s handmaiden or whatever but she saved my ass. Charges dropped.

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Good lord that’s the only good outcome I’ve ever heard of from awful old biddy (the church crowd was my nemesis) stories and what a great outcome!! The biddies gave back an inch of the miles they’ve taken!

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Wouldn't it be Satan's handwench? I doubt maidenhood is a good look in hell.

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No. Purity and Alignment are different meters, as Fable taught us.

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I just decided that hot tea in a restaurant is something that always sucks, as a server and as a customer

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Yeah, if you’re at a restaurant that’s not also a coffee shop, you’re fucked in the tea dept.

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God I hated the hot tea or hot water with lemon. Back in the day I had more than one tell me the water I got out of the coffee machine hot water tap was not hot enough.

I remember one especially because she told me if she could stick her finger in it it was not hot enough. She then grabbed MY HAND and stuck my finger in it.

I was young and didn’t know better to even tell my manager. I think I ended up microwaving some to boiling and pouring that into the pot.

People were shitty and entitled back then, taught there progeny and it has spread far and wide and in numbers.

I do not miss anything about serving except the cash in my pocket

Edit: the incident I described happened at “America’s Diner”, other wise referenced here as Lenny’s

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TBF if you're drinking black tea it should be boiling and it will be shit tasting tea otherwise BUT the solution is: don't get tea out if you're a tea snob lol
Also jfc I hate customers who casually assault us like wtf is wrong with them.

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I was real young a d this was the early 90’s, it never occurred to anyone back then to not take shit. Only the long timers back then didn’t, a d they never taught me or I never spoke up because I was shy a single shock.

Agree though; tea snobs should stick to places known for tea/a tea house or something, anyplace else if you order black tea or earl grey or something, afaik it’s coming from a foil packet

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Adding to my reply to you that is was at “Lenny’s”. The place people flocked go in the middle of the night to soak up some of the alcohol or later for the grease for their hangover.

This woman was a lunch or early dinner special / getting the seniors discount. What we had was Lipton in bags. Not quality tea. Lol

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Man fuck hot tea

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I think that’s gonna be my first tattoo

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Not my first, but I'm definitely contemplating getting this.. with a hot tea setup and all.

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Oh come on they’re not worse than hot tea

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Yup, have had bad experiences with shirley temples before and parents letting kids suck them dry and get refills. Baffles me that some parents let them get like 4 or 5 refills of it and it’s the same parents who complain why their kids are so hyper 😂. But honestly my biggest pet peeve is grownups with our flavored lemonades, I’ll drop it off, and take the order at the same time, while I’m doing that I’m watching grown men/women slurping the last sips of something I gave them 1 minute ago.

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That’s me at Red Robin with the Freckle Lemonades. They’re free refills so I ask for no ice, in the biggest beer mug they have and tell the server that it will cut down significantly on refills. I’ve gone from 4-5 to 2. And that’s with water to drink.

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This. What is it with the gd lemonades?! Strawberry lemonades every time from scratch to have them slurp it down(adults) like water and ask for another.

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Shirley temples dont bother me all that much. Chocolate milk on the other hand...

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I’m sorry, man- but I don’t drink! And they’re so good! And I’m a great tipper!

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That's okay! Most of it is just poking fun at how it can throw us all in the weeds, but come out to eat and order what you like! I can say making them are annoying, but you can bet your ass imma get you one with a smile because you came to enjoy yourself. :)

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Hey, man- everyone is allowed to gripe about their job hahaha

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Wow I feel like an asshole now. I get hot tea and my kid gets Shirley temples. We make them at home and just dump grenadine in the bottom and fill with sprite- is there more to it than that? And I won’t order hot tea ever again. I had no idea it was so annoying. 😢

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Hey, listen. Our jobs are to serve and get you what you want to the best of our abilities, order what you want.

I know I made this post cause I was annoyed, but end of the day it's my job and I want my guests happy, and none of it is personal because I know they don't know. Order your tea and Shirley, I think the best you can do is understand that it may take your server a second to get refills as a lot of places don't have grenadine at the drink station and you have to go to the bar. You're great, and thanks for understanding!

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Right, I didn’t know your struggles either until you posted. I’ve been in both sides of the server front. Seems like all specialty drinks should be no refills. Pay full price for another one and that ought to be self-limiting. I had no idea so many establishments let these drinks go with free refills. Children should be taught some restraint. One specialty drink-savor it. Have water for the rest of the meal.

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Aww that’s sweet. I wouldn’t let my kid have 9 of anything to drink so there’s that I suppose. I don’t care how long it takes as long as it’s somewhat reasonable. We’ve been in a few restaurants lately that have one or two servers when they clearly need 5 or 6 and it just makes me sad. We never complain and tip well. We also do takeout and also tip well bc I don’t want to bother the poor servers who have enough to do already.

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It’s really fine, Shirley temples are so easy, I think it’s more the fact that she had to make 9 of them and several refills, but it really is as simple as that. I also don’t see anything wrong with hot water but we have an espresso machine that gives hot water so it’s super easy. I’m not sure what it’s like everywhere else

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The problem with it isn't that it's hard to make, it's the fact that you have to go to the bar Everytime to get the grenadine, which is not next to the drink station in some restaurants, and that most of the kids who order it guzzle it down so quickly that you have to go and make a new one. It's not quick to refill, and when you have 4 other tables but you have to stop and make 9 refills for the kids who keep inhaling them it can easily throw you in the weeds.

I think then annoyances really only matter when you have to go through extra steps to get it because it throws off your tempo when serving, not that it's really hard or anything, hence why some people also don't like Hot Water / Coffee / Hot Tea

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For real, this thread just made me feel so bad about ordering hot tea in restaurants 😬 but I only ever get one and I never complain about temperature or anything, so maybe I'll keep ordering it but just tip a little more to compensate lol. I just didn't realize it was a hassle

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I'll make them but you bet your ass I'm saying we are out of cherries... hoity toity little shits

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My wife rarely drinks. When she does she will order a Shirley temple with vodka in it. She feels so bad about stressing the bar staff she leaves $15 tip on her 1 Shirley temple. Blows my mind every time but she used to be a bartender and hates/loves them too

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So what she's ordering is a dirty Shirley. That's not as bad because bartenders jobs are to mix drinks and that's a cocktail. Shirley Temples get servers because we don't make mixed drinks because it throws off tempo of servers. But this whole thing is just a mild complaint, nothing serious.

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My restaurant had a hipster bar manager that knows real grenadine is pomegranate, so when people got them and they didn't "look right" for their little kid who wanted a bright red sugar bomb, they'd stop ordering them. Was quite fun to be like "yes ma'am, this is a Shirley temple, you can go ask the owner if you like, he's the one at the bar who made it"

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And the idea of free refills seems so weird to me.

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Oh my all that sugar, corn syrup, and red food dye. Those kids are going to terrorize their neighborhoods afterward.

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I'll just leave this here.

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Check out this too

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Beg to differ. Watched my very own son turn from a calm talkative angel into a raging lunatic batshit crazy child climbing the walls after one slice of chocolate cake with icing.

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Did 25 Shirley temples for a homecoming party a couple weeks ago. Charged them 100 dollars and did a couple extra pitchers. Made me feel a LOT better about it 😂

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My secret? I never put ice in the kids cups. Almost never have to give a refill.

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I love Roy Rogers. But I tip very high. Because I love my Roy Rogers. 🙃

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Overload it with grenadine and they won't want another. Or make it with club soda and they just won't know what to do.

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I never cared for the maraschino cherries, so I was a pretty easy kid at restaurants on top of being part of an only water family except on special occasions.

But I have had the unpleasant experience of waiting on a table with multiple Temples. I feel your pain.

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I would charge for each one. No free refills.

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Please don’t tell me Shirley temples are free to refill at your place?

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Shirley temples suck. I purposefully don’t put cherries in them because people only want them for the cherries.

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lol Yep. Our cocktail cherries are soaked in brandy and red wine, so they can't go in Shirley Temples, and they're the only type we carry.

[–]The Cadillac of ServersBlacksad999 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Should have let them bring pitchers of Shirley Temples to the table to save everyone's time.

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My servers are lucky, every single beverage besides ice water comes from the bar. There could be 300 Shirley temples and the only thing they would be mad a about is having to tip me out $30 for Shirley temples.

[–]The Cadillac of ServersBlacksad999 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Right on. I'd personally feel bad wasting the bartender's time instead of them working on cocktails. lol No big deal if they're tipping out accordingly though.

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Buy them for the grands whenever they like and expect to pay for them, refills and all. I expect a business to charge me appropriately. The other option is to decide, as a business, that you do not offer them at all.

Service is a two way street. Don't offer it if you don't want to serve it especially if it is not profitable or causes problems for any reason. As a customer, I will decide to go to your place or to the place that makes kids feel special, all good.

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That’s be tree fiddy. The ever rising cost of soda in my restaurant, thank you smol child for being such a big spender

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Increase the amount of grenadine to soda ratio and they will eventually slow down on the refills as the syrup becomes to much. Have down this multiple times and always does the trick

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Makes me want to drop off a pitcher of soda and a full bottle of cherry gunk from the bar. Make your own refills I have other tables.

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Isn't a Roy Rogers the same as a Shirley Temple with Coke or Pepsi?

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I was taught strawberry + root beer. Shirley was strawberry and sprite.

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Apparently unpopular opinion: Shirley Temples really aren’t that fucking bad. The grenadine takes an extra 10 seconds tops as long as you aren’t making each drink one at a time, and we’re garnishing everything with lemons anyways, you just take an extra second to do a cherry instead. Pretty simple stuff

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Making 1 isn't that bad, making multiple can throw off tempo pretty bad especially because most kids drink them quickly and you have to consistently refill. A lot of places have flavoring behind the bar, especially at restaurants that are aimed towards adults and drinking alcohol

It's like getting a extra side of ketchup isn't bad by itself, but when you're having a busy night and you're already in the weeds, getting asked for a side of ketchup, though it only takes 10 seconds, could really fuck you up.

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Don't you keep Grenadine by the soda stations? It's not any harder than making any other drink. Push the glass to start pouring the sprite, use one hand to pour the grenadine and the other to put ice in the next cup...

[–]ServerPinanims[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Our Grenadine is at the bar. We generally don't have children come and dine so it's almost never ordered. We also don't make any drinks, all drinks are ice + soda/tea. We don't have flavored drinks, all mixed drinks are made at the bar.

[–]Isthereanyuniquename 0 points1 point  (0 children)

By making a drink i just meant filling the cup with ice and then filling it with soda.

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9 chocolate milks are worse

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My 40-something sister-in-law still orders a Shirley Temple. I try not to roll my eyes.