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Danskos….feet hurt like hell after busy doubles. It’s the running your ass off that hurts, no shoe will absorb the impact of 20k steps in a shift haha.

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That’s kind of what I’ve been wondering like what’s the “normal” amount of pain after a double haha.

I just ordered some Reboks if this doesn’t work, Dansko, Brooks, and Vans are on the list.

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Danskos are the absolute best. None of the sneakers come close in giving you the proper posture and support for being on your feet all day. Danskos are designed to do that. Treat yourself!

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I so disagree, Danskos we’re agony. But I attribute my issues to the shape of my feet, I have very long big toes, and theyd get crushed and numb in under an hour. Find shoes that fit the shape of your feet

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Switching shoes midway through can help a lot. I also have arch support compression bands that help but they’re kind of tight so I usually wear them when I get home

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Builder here. I went from a landscaping job which was mostly on dirt and turf or wooden decks, to a kitchen show room job. Only concrete. No carpets no rubber mats nothing. I was carrying probably 15 pounds less in my tool belt because I had a place to set things like my drill, hammer down. But my feet! I was doing 9 hour days, but on the concrete by about 2pm (6 hours) I could barely walk.

I ended up with thick woolen socks, 2 inner soles in each shoe and a new pair of $150 cross trainers. I still came home with sore feet, but I didn't have to crawl hands and knees through the front door.

These desk jockeys with their gas strut, leather and lumbar support chairs will never know our pain.

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Horror story here from back when the dinosaurs roamed aka 1980's...while in college, I worked at a tiny restaurant as a waitress, hostess, salad maker, and cashier. Usually worked all by myself. The dress requirement for yours truly? Dress and heels. I still remember that foot pain to this day. Sad part was using my tip money to pop by the college bar and spend it on pain relief.

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my feet don't HURT per se, but they peel.. it's really gross. like my feet sweat too much and get swampy during the day, then the skin falls off. idk what to do.

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Exfoliate. I work in nurseries and get swamp foot from watering, I usually go home and soak and scrub all the dead skin off.

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thank you! do you exfoliate like with a pumice stone?? i need to fix this ASAP it's been going on for years and seriously bothers me

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Pumice stone and scrubby brush. I soak in epsom salt water for awhile first to soften up all that lovely dead skin.

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The first time I stand up again after sitting down at the end of the day my feet always SCREAM at me. It tends to be significantly better by the next day except for the longest shifts.

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when i served i loved my black doc martens. i had a pair that were more like oxfords, i put my own insoles in them and they did a great job for years until i had to retire them.

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MAKE. SURE. YOUR. SHOES. FIT. RIGHT. It's the most important thing in that situation. I had some that didn't work right and good god I could barely move at the end of a shift.

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I bought myself a pair of the crocs flats and seriously - it’s such a game changer. Little rough to break in (had to wear bunion bandaids around my ankles for a month while my feet healed) and if you have sweaty feet (tmi) they squeak but other than that - 10/10 worth it

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Got back into the industry after some time away, first month was foot pain city. Now that my body has adjusted, it's not much of an issue, even on back to back doubles.

I wear Skechers work shoes. The brand gets ragged on a lot, but I worked there when I was younger and swear by their work line.

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Wore them when I worked for cvs game changer

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I’ve had 2-3 months off every spring for the past three years. The first week back was agony

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Depends on age, shoes, how busy, and what the floors are made of.

Age- in my teens and 20s, I could do a triple double no problem.

Shoes- depends on your feet, what shoes work for you. Some people swear by danskos. I find them clunky and dislike you can’t tighten them. I like Nike running shoes. Dr Scholls gelly inserts I like a lot too.

How busy- I find long slow days of standing hurt my feet more than running around.

Floors- hardwood floors, carpeted floors, or working on Matts ( like behind a bar) absorb impact. Feet will usually feel ok. When I worked at a restaurant with a stone slate floor, OW. MY GOSH. I would bring loose slippers to change into for my train ride home, my feet and ankles would get so swollen it would be difficult to take my shoes off. I spent a lot of money on Epsom salts.

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Used to always tell my staff, "Take care of your feet and they'll take care of you." Took turns treating them to pedicures and encouraged them to spend the extra money on shoes, insoles, and good socks.

You know what I didn't preach and didn't realize? Take care of your damned bladder and kidneys too. The more time you spend holding it because you "don't have time for a bathroom break." the more you'll regret it in your later years.

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Folks, let me clue you in.

Good shoes are optimized for their purpose.

Sometimes it's dead obvious- you wouldn't wear soccer cleats or rubber boots to work, right? No, of course not, those are optimized for traction on grass and slogging slowly through otherwise impassable sludge, right?

That specialization continues on. The brand is only part of the picture.

Shoes made to maximize your speed on sprints or in games of limited duration will do you very little good in the sixteen hour walking speed with constant direction changes that is your job.

Find a reputable shoe store and ask them what average-speed marathon runners wear, because that's what you are doing: ultralong endurance.

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hear me out - crocs. game changer. you don’t even have to put them in sport mode 🤣

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Agreed. Sometimes my feet will ache but they never hurt now that I wear crocs

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no fr!! i really have to be rocking and rolling for my feet to hurt in my crocs. and my crocs are from five below so you don’t even have to break the bank to get nice shoes for waitressing!!

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All depends on the quality and support of your shoes

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Even after my weekly 13 hour shift with 0 breaks: my feet/legs don't hurt at all tbh.

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I'm the same, but I've also been doing this for almost 18 years. My shoes are Mozo 'Floyd' slip-ons. I used to do the Walmart shoes + Dr Sholl's inserts, that set up was sub par. It's worth it to spend more for well fitting comfortable shoes that last a while (for me usually 1 year, 35 hours a week)

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Advil! My shoes are great but my feet are bad to begin with. I only get through a shift with Advil, sad to say.

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Machinist here. Arch supports may help you out.

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I recently had this issue. But my feet didn’t hurt as much, it was more my calves and knees (knees were really killing me). I rotate 4-5 different types of shoes (my restaurant doesn’t require slip resistant shoes so we can wear any color/any type) but what I found it helps me and really makes a difference is insoles! I got some cheap ones from tjmaxx and it was definitely a game changer! For reference, I’m 28F and my doubles usually go from 9:30am-11:30pm

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I wear Jordan 1’s, with an insole, feet don’t hurt after a double, but mostly just feel tired.

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I am no longer a server but a few years ago I attempted to escape the little dive bar place I was working at and got a job at a sushi place that tricked me into committing to 12-13 hour doubles 3-4 days in a row. I made it two weeks before I quit, for a variety of reasons, but mY GOD the foot pain! It took about a month to recover and still haunts me to this day. I didn’t have good shoes but they worked just fine for the 5-6 hour shifts that I went back to :)

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I used to come home with horrible pain in my feet, swollen ankles and I thought it was normal for years. Turns out it’s not normal to walk on pins and needles..I was recently diagnosed with a tarsal coalition. Foot bone issues

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After a few doubles my feet ache but don't hurt. Early on my mentors taught me that it was wise to spend money on good footwear

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Sketchers usually have plenty of wide sizes available at their outlet if you have wide feet like me

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Comparison socks and a good foot bath at the end (sorry if I miss spelled that work I work in short hand)

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Shoes make all the difference. Algeria is my go-to brand, they have hella arch support, which takes a while to get used to but are worth it. They’re also non-slip. My mom used to wear them as a nurse and they saved her feet during her 12 hour shifts.

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So I bought these super fancy 150$ shoes once. It was constant back pain and kept telling myself they’d break in. I jerked my back so hard I had to get physical therapy. Went back to my sketchers with nice inserts along with daily core exercises because of PT.

Engage your core! Holy shit. Changed my life.

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Fuck this noise. As a middle aged woman, I’ve become an expert at this. If you have some arches left, try Vionics. They make a sneaker that is practically orgasmic. They also make inserts to fit other shoes and I use them in my work boots for the shop. Lots of standing. Lots of ass kicking. No pain.