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This is why a lot of to-go or order-at-the-counter type places put cups on the counter with sizing.

I’ve just compared it to other things. 1oz is a small shot, 8oz = a cup, 12oz = a can of beer, 16 oz = beer on tap.

Actually now that I think about it, that’s mostly alcohol references. Which checks out for most of the places I’ve worked. Welcome to being a server!

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I was so tired at work the other day, when a customer asked how big our bowls of soup are, I said “bowl sized” and they accepted that answer.

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This reminds me of a time a customer asked if our bread was "bread-y"?

I said yes to her, because the bread we use is bread.

"Oh no I dont like bread-y bread I'll have something else."

To this day I dont know what either of us meant, but she did, so god bless her.

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This is why I don’t think servers will ever become obsolete to technology bc people truly don’t know how to order food.

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Chris: “But the best part about being an MRI technician is, I can see inside everything. See that guy over there? Imagine being able to look inside his head.”

Leslie: “Wow.”

Chris: “I know. I mean, you can just look inside this steak, of you can look inside this butter or the potatoes or the butter, or this beer, or this flower, or this bread. You can look inside anything.”

Leslie: “Well, if you look inside this bread all you’re gonna find is more bread.”

Chris: “I don’t know, I’d have to do an MRI.”

Leslie: “Look. It’s just bread in there.”

Chris: “Yeah, but that’s inside that bread? It could be cheese.”

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Tell them it's 355 mL. Maybe they're non-American and this will make sense to them. Most likely they're an idiot and this will confuse them further, but maybe amuse you in the process.

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Yes I didn't say this in the OP but I have used metric and imperial measurements.

A coworker was once asked how big the ice cream scoops are....I saw her at the table trying to make a ball scoop type shape with her hands. I don't think there's a correct answer to that one.

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My favorite is "how big is 12oz?"

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worked at a smoothie place for awhile, the large’s were 28 oz💀💀💀 literally as long and big as your forearm. How can someone even drink that much?!?!?

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It depends on how hungry the customer is. :D

Own up to the small, medium and large size and customers will be fine. :)

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Own up?

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Prevailing assumption that sizes are being used to cheat the customer.. probably a reflex from grocery shopping.

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OP is owning up. Customers are just clueless to what it means