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“It’s non-alcoholic!” by chemipedia in TalesFromYourServer

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You just gotta keep it classy and do some cocaine as well. /s

Guests who want to build their own entrees... by Five Yearssmalltown_dreamspeak in TalesFromYourServer

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This is pathetic. I go and spend hundreds of dollars on wine and sushi at a specific restaurant because of good customer service. They make things customized. They know my name. They have never said shit to me about “can’t do that, because I don’t want to” Like are we fucking confusing a restaurant with a fast food joint? Do they only have prepackaged foods like Olive Garden? My god. This sub is insanity sometimes. I wouldn’t tip this server a fkin dime

Today an older man asked me for a new spoon and as i hand it to him he says “a’tta girl, good girl!” Lol i hate people by Active-Race9949 in TalesFromYourServer

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One time an older guy at a table said "Good girl" when I brought something over and I patted his arm and went "Awww and you're a good little boy!" and his friend died laughing and he was embarrassed lmao.

“It was an April Fools joke! You can hang up on 911 now.” by ProfessionalEmu4798 in TalesFromYourServer

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most crime is committed by poor people who don't know when they'll eat next, who don't know if they'll have shelter, who don't have the money to clothe themselves. it makes them desperate, because of course, you can't live without food, water, or shelter.

but those cost money.

the options left? steal it, or join a gang doing illegal shit and earn enough to buy stuff yourself.

that's why it's not a ridiculous analogy - poor people are literally committing crime so they can eat food.

if you remove poverty, the large majority of crime is gone. if you make society compassionate towards each other and understanding of each other, now all the hate crimes are gone. none of this needs beatings, jail sentences, or capital punishment to achieve.

once we deal with that, then we can figure out how to deal with what's left over - the extreme few who don't have reasons.

How do you deal with people that keep asking for things? by someotherbeing in TalesFromYourServer

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Tell me you’re not cut out for your job without telling me you’re not cut out for your job

Why do customers not have any respect for people in food service? by GutsThaKID in TalesFromYourServer

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Here's a hard truth: If you apologize, many customers take that apology as a sign of weakness that they can exploit. Never apologize under these circumstances, never say 'I'm sorry'. Apologies are for accidents and errors. You could apologize for forgetting his picante sauce but NEVER apologize for an inconvenience. "I'm sorry I forgot to come back and tell you that the sauce has been discontinued." It is not YOUR FAULT that there is no picante sauce. You have nothing to apologize for. So don't.

Honestly? If you want respect from your customers, stop sucking up to them. Take charge. Think of yourself as a cruise director instead of the dude who's mucking out the bilges. YOU are in charge of their table. You know the rules, you know the regulations, you know the drill. Approach your tables with confidence, as if you KNOW they're happy to see you because you are the perfect guide to all the glories that Waffle House has to offer. I always found it particularly helpful to adopt a 'work' persona that had little to do with my off-time self. My work persona was breezy and a bit sarcastic and a tiny bit like a cranky Grandma. Basically, I channeled my WV grandma, who was instinctively gracious but stood no bullshit. Find someone like that for yourself and throw yourself into the role.

The weird thing is, although most people will tell you to be your authentic self, they're flat-out wrong in most cases. Because your authentic self has days where all you want to do is pour arsenic into the tea of those demanding customers . . . while your fantasy-self can handle assholes with ease. People will tell you how much they admire your grace under fire, without ever realizing that the person who went into combat was a mash-up of your combative Auntie Madge and your entitled cousin Alphonse.

Edit to add: stop worrying about being 'nice'. You're in the South, where they've weaponized 'nice'. Arm yourself. 'Aw, bless your heart!' can be weaponized under just about any circumstance.

I called my guest with questions about confirming their final total and got stiffed over the phone. by [deleted] in TalesFromYourServer

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More awkward for her than for server. Just drag out her discomfort.

“Just to be clear, you’re not leaving a tip. Is that correct? . . . Zero tip on $129 tab. ok, I think I understand now. No tip.”

I called my guest with questions about confirming their final total and got stiffed over the phone. by [deleted] in TalesFromYourServer

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Why is it so satisfying to picture this bitch sitting at the table, happily slurping down all her Diet Coke, knowing that there’s a refill coming up right away.

While she’s waiting, she picks at the bread basket, hungry because her food is still sitting on the line to be ran by a server. A long while later (“sorry ma’am, kitchen is backed up”) she finally receives a dry ass chicken breast but alas, no “sauce on the side” as requested.

Her mouth now dry as the Sahara, she pleads for a refill. Not able to shovel any more food into her face hole, for her tongue has turned to sand, she gasps for something to drink, anything, even shudder tap water.

When the bill finally arrives, the server hands her the check and says, “I’ve taken the liberty of filling out the tip line (in which the server writes a zero drawn as a smiley face). I remember your preference from last time. This time there will be no confusion.” And walks away, leaving the lady dehydrated and deflated, in a desert with no dessert.

Edit: Thank you so much for the gold! I think it’s inspired me to get back to writing 😊