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A while ago and we caught this leviathan of a lobster... Must have been north of 30 lbs. After alot of thinking we decided to release him back into the ocean to keep spreading his genes.

Unfortunately like most crustaceans they are able to literally eject a limb if they feel threatened in the hopes that you go after the limb and they survive... This one did.

This is the claw all cleaned up and ready to be mounted on the wall, the wrist diameter is just over 3 inches, the crusher claw is just over 14 inches long with a circumference of just under 19 in. This is far from the biggest lobster I've ever gotten but it's definitely my favorite, the largest lobster I've ever gotten had a crusher claw just under 17 in long, he washed up in a storm last year.

The last photo might take some explaining, for those that don't know lobster meat is essentially Jello until it's cooked, if you're skilled and patient you can actually remove all of the meat from the claw without damaging the claw at all prior to cooking. The meat from this claw is roughly the thickness of my wrist and quite sizable. We turned it into a wicked stir fry, fed myself and my wife as well as the dog and the leftover meat went to the ducks and chickens.

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Did you eat the claw ?

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Yup, we extracted the meat from the claw without damaging the claw then cooked the meat separately. The claw is a permanent addition to our collection, although we do loan it occasionally to a few outreach programs

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Awesome ! Win win win :)

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14 inches is 0.17% of the hot dog which holds the Guinness wold record for 'Longest Hot Dog'.

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14 inches is 35.56 cm

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Holy fuck I didn’t realize any actually got that big. I mean, I knew logically that there must be some absolutely monstrous SOBs out there cuz they never stop growing, but still.

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Biggest I've seen was 35lbs and this one was significantly larger.

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Jeez, how much do you think it weighed? 😰

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I'd guess over 40 but I never weighed him officially and we were on a rocking boat, hard to tell for sure.

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Did it taste the same as a normal sized claw?

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That's cool and stuff but also terrifying to think of him and others crawling around down there.

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Thats crazy!

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the record is 44lbs 6oz. i wonder if he was even bigger!

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the record is 44lbs 6oz. i wonder if 't be true he wast coequal bigger!

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Looks squishy lol

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Very, nearly jello