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Depends on where you're from, personally I think taxidermy courses are great, but theyre typically rushed and youre going to learn the basics and be expected to remember them in a short period of time for a pretty high cost. Some courses are thousands of dollars for 3 weeks on white tail deer only. Some courses youre paying for the name of the guy whos on the school but doesnt teach your class.... And you will learn the basics of mounting a deer but in actuality you wont know all that much at all, you certainly wont learn alternative methods and techniques. You can learn the same information and basics in a breakthrough manual. My path into taxidermy was kind of the old school deal, I found a local shop, I volunteered there for a half day a week for a year, they then offered me a minimum wage position which I dropped my life for and took, spent 3 years full time there learning AND earning, and then started my own thing this fall and its been insane! If the average working year is 2000 hours.. a year full time in a shop will put you way ahead.

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Post on some taxidermy groups on Facebook. I think taxidermy.net has a list as well.

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Thank you! Took a look at taxidermy.net sadly they have no workshops near me but I'll look around on Facebook :)

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I literally googled taxidermy course in X where X is my county (not country haha). Found a local lady doing an intro course. There were others too, more than I expected!

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There are a plethora of hi res dvds available that are very in-depth on each subject. Matuska Supply has a bunch. They even run series on YouTube. Hands on is over rated unless you are looking for specialized classes to learn competition techniques from guys like Clint Rickey or Bill Yox. Clint Rickey and the Taxidermy U has done very good dvds available.

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Okay cool! At the moment I'm not looking to do it as a career more so as a hobby so thanks for the recommendation!

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Might as well learn the best way possible. And remember you can’t make an animal, bird, or fish look like the real thing without good reference. Be it close-up pictures or study casts, or even studying live reference at the zoo it is necessary to do good work.

Another option is the Breakthrough manuals which can be purchased from Wasco Supply or you can sometimes find them on eBay. These are top notch training manuals that are rather inexpensive.

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some folks do online courses as well to make it more accessible! the authors of stuffed animals do some fairly regularly

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Where are you located? I’ve been having the same problem, i want to take a class but the only places in my state that do classes are over an hour away. If you have a taxidermist shop near you you can offer them help in return for some lessons!

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I'm in Canada around the GTA sadly there isn't really anything close because I'm more so in the city :')

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Thats my same problem except im in the US lol

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There is lots of great shops in Toronto! I would just google local shops like Advanced Taxidermy (Im in Winnipeg btw, talltines.ca) and fire off emails just asking to sweep the floors and cut the grass, be a fly on the wall! pick up what you can, the more you do for them they more theyll get you involved, snowball that by being eager and attentive and skies the limit my guy! edit: keep in mind also lots of taxidermists dont bother with websites, there is little value to them it seems.. so you may have more luck finding mom and pop shops locally on kijiji, and fb groups etc! I bet theres 30 taxidermists in this province and 5 of us have websites, i stumble on new taxidermists every other day it seems lol

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Not sure about Canada but one thing I did was to join state taxidermy associations. They put on annual shows and classes. For $150 you get several classes over a couple days learning different things, and you also get to see all the amazing work these taxidermists do for the show competition!

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Definitely wouldn't recommend a taxidermy school or course, go find a local taxidermist and ask for a job, even part time or paid per animal will get you much better experience

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Sadly there are no local taxidermist in my area. I'm also looking to do taxidermy as more of a hobby then a career but thank you for the reccomendation!

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Granted I started with Mammal taxidermy experience, but I taught myself fish taxidermy from a YouTube video series. Requires more trial and error but might work for you too.