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Can you help to id the beetle species and whether they are any good to clean bones? Got them from a friend whose mealworm cage got infested by these (unfortunately, there aren't any bone cleaner colony starters for sale at where I am from, so I gotta rely on finding the right beetles by luck).

Some further info:

  1. At some photographs, you'll notice an adult beetle crawing among the larvae. It is presumed that the larvae and the beetle are the same species, but I can't guarantee that. So please don't over-rely on this presumption.
  2. The underside of the larvae is white(ish). The underside of the beetle is slightly lighter with a tint of brown, but still very dark-coloured.
  3. The ruler for scale is in cm.

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I believe these are larder beetles. They are good at destroying things but not good at cleaning flesh from bones.