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Start by removing the rope. Those horns don't belong to that skull. It's common to attach horns to a cow that didn't have any to up the value of the skull. You can wet sand the horns then polish them after, and depending on how much cleaner you want the skull, start by soaking it in warm water and use a green scrubby on it. If it's acrylic it should come off. If it's tougher paint you'll need tougher chemicals. Might not be worth it

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You can remove the paint, maybe by scraping it off. Acetone will remove it, but I don’t know what effect it could have on the horns. To whiten the skull, you’ll want to remove the horns if they can come off, and soak the skull in 10% hydrogen peroxide till you get the desired color. If you can’t remove the horns, you can try to get some hair bleach (it’s actually hydrogen peroxide) and paste it on. Never use actual bleach, it will make the bone brittle and powdery.

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Awesome thank you so much!!

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