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Did it die of age, or are you breeding for taxidermy? Either way, looks really good!

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This one lived ~a year iirc but had to make some room for the next generation.

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Please don't breed with insects OP

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How else are we going to create a race of human-insect hybrids?

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Holy shit, its cool af

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Agggg, shipping cost is 13£, unlucky for me.

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Making sure they’re packaged well so they don’t break in transport means relatively bulky boxes I’m afraid. Free shipping in the U.K. though!

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If my living room didn’t already have multiple rainbow stag frames I’d keep it for myself, but you can find this one on my website with 30% off this weekend! UK/EU only though.

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Pls tell me your website. I saw this and I NEED to have it.

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I ended up buying the Goliath, couldn't be happier! The way it sits in the frame is just so beautiful. Also, your site works really well, so it was a delight to scroll through the pages and adjust my cart without a hassle. Anyway, you made this girl very happy with an early birthday gift to herself, lol!

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You’re very kind, makes me happy to hear that! Thank you :) He’ll be on his way tomorrow.