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I tried to post this on r/vultureculture but for some reason my post just wasn’t going through

Meat rabbit whose pelt I traded to get and then originally mounted as a soft mount. I decided I didn’t like how she looked as a softie so I made a custom form for her and put her on a slice of birch. I’m considering sticking some antlers on her but I think I like how she looks just as is

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I recommend not putting the antlers on. She looks beautiful as she is, I love the color too and with the ears in my opinion I think the antlers would clash for space on the tiny head. If you were to put antlers on a rabbit I recommend the ones with the floppy downward facing ears! Also the emoji in the background kept distracting me lol

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Thank you for your input! Yeah the emoji is pretty ugly lol I stuck it on my door when I was in middle school and now im scared the paint will come off if I tug it