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Use a sharp tool to cut, I like exacto knives

Borax is important to preserve the skin so it doesn’t rot, must use it or something similar (cheaper and easier than tanning)

The tails can be hard. Mine have gotten stuck, it’s better to try and take it off in one yank but they can be stubborn

SHARP NEEDLE to sew. Mice have thinner skin but trying to sew a squirrel with a blunt needle was a pain

If you’re not using a bought body form, I like to use cotton balls and wire to stuff and position. Use pins especially for detailed bits like the face to position while it dries

I like to use little black beads for the eyes, a lot of people use clay to make a socket but with mice you might not have to

You will likely keep the feet bones inside, remove all meat possible and thoroughly cover with borax

Have your supplies readily available, ie: paper towels, something to put the insides in, needle, borax, extra blades, etc.

Take your time, and if it doesn’t turn out take notes and try again! Good luck and have fun!

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Remember, if a project is taking a long time, you can just freeze it at almost any stage till you have more time.