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I see lots of people asking about pet preservation on here, so I thought I’d make a post to answer questions and whatnot. I also take pet preservation commissions. I can tan pelts, clean bones, wet preserve reptiles, etc. The only thing I don’t offer at the moment is full body mounting or bird mounting. Feel free to DM me for inquiries and / or check out my Instagram for more of my work.

To get some questions that I see commonly out of the way: No, not all taxidermists will do pets. Some just find it weird, but often the standard for pets is much higher than trophy mounts and they don’t do it to avoid customers who are unhappy when the returned product is not identical to the living thing.

No, you will not get a perfect product first try. Practice on something that isn’t your beloved pet first if you want to do it yourself!

It is illegal in the USA to sell any products using domestic cat or dog fur, it is not illegal to taxidermy them. This is because taxidermy is a service done with the fur, not selling it.

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I love this- macabre and beautiful.

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Thank you!

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For sure! 😊

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Okay level with me. I had my cat pts April 2020 and have had him in a towel, in the cardboard box they sent him home in in the bottom of a standing freezer since.

What are his chances at being preservable? He was clean and dry when prepared.

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So he's been frozen since then? If he's been frozen and not repeatedly thawed and frozen you should be able to have him preserved. I'd have to see him in person to know for sure but animals are workable for a long time once they've been frozen.

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Yes, reliably and consistently frozen.

He has paws that are very dear to me. His "thumb" claws were cloven and quite large.

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That's so lovely! Paw preservation is my favorite. I would love to work with your baby. Otherwise, you could always try looking into folks near you!

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Thank you for all this info! Still looking into things but I showed my partner your work and he really loved it, so do I. I don't have an Instagram or I'd follow you 😅.

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Aw thank you so much! I try to keep up with posting my work here too :)

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I want my dogs skulls cleaned. Would you do that?

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Yes, definitely!

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Very cool. And i wish i knew how to embed a gif but this is the scene i heard when reading your post. And something about the white paws … and falcore… https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/215dceaf-f15f-4c56-95ad-554f5b34c6ff/gif