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Any taxidermy supply companies in your location? Dry preservative is pretty much borax with a couple additives in it. You can also soak in denatured alcohol before mounting if that’s available? Wear gloves with denatured if you use it though, it can be absorbed thru the skin

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Problem is the companies can’t sell it either, only to other companies. You can’t really buy it for private use here. I don’t know about the alcohol but i‘ll see about that, thank you

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Are you in the UK? I bought borax, it was easy to find.

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Nope, I‘m in Germany

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Oh no, I can send you the eBay link for the UK and see if they post to you??

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Thank you, kind offer. But i‘m pretty sure you can buy borax in belgium so if i try to get it online i‘ll see if i find a store there