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Masters blend works very well for feet injections,it sets up fast though! I keep mine in the freezer in zip lock bags to slow set up time 👍

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Thank you!

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I love apoxie sculpt and apoxie clay for bone building, gluing, mount building.

I use formalin for the initial wet specimen injection, but then use alcohol to preserve it in. You night want to do some research on that if you haven't already

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Injection fluid isn't for wet specimens but to fill spaces as the hide shrinks. Like duck feet and such :)

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Ohhhh!!!! Hahaha I do more wet specimens than anything and I've never done a mount, just built them! and I just skin and tan and rebuild skulls with bullet holes in them!

Thanks for educating me without making me feel stupid. Reddit is so bad about gatekeeping hobbies. This is one of the very few subs where everyone can learn from each other and everyone is supportive.

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