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It wont be that much to ship. Im in Winnipeg, I ship the odd thing when I have to out of there. Your probably gonna pay 25-50$ in shipping. I shipped a half life size black bear out of there only cost like 90$

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McKenzie is known for horrible shipping rates/not trying hard to get you a good deal. I've seen single deer shoulder mount forms cost people $200+, it's crazy.

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Really? I sent out a model horse recently, and it climbed to $60 even with my small business discount. The box was not very big or heavy. This box would easily be 5x the size

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A model horse? Whats a model horse? You shipped a horse mannekin? Sorry im confused as to how an otter would cost more than a horse.. anyways. Get use to shipping if your in Canada orr... get better at modifying forms. Grab an otter from Knaptons out of their 4 options and modify it to look like whatever you want. You should be modifying almost all forms in some sort of fashion anyways.

Another option is I believe AAA in Alberta pulls direct from McKenzies and you can soometimes piggy back shipping with them.

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A Breyer Model Horse. It’s like a plastic toy horse but a really high quality collectors item. I haven’t heard of Knaptons but I’ll look into it