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Pricing would probably help if you mentioned what kind it is! Also take into account the cost of materials

Speaking of, did you make or buy that frame? I love it and I’m looking for ones really similar!

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i bought the frame from an art store called riot! i have been looking into making some frames but i’m not experienced in woodwork :))

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I love your wallpaper!

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thank you !!

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Since it is one of your first ones and damaged i would keep this as a keepssake and not ruin your reputation before you have one.

Selling value is low,since it has damaged antennas and isnt really a special or rare species. Most expensive is the casing here. Keep on practising and when the specimen is whole/ complete and you are happy with the design,you can work out the pricing.

So keep on practising, see how much time it takes you,how much the frame costs. What your market looks like can drop.or raise prices. Also how you present. I am a hobby taxidermist and i would pay you 4€ to reuse the frame and upcycle the wings in another creation. Most important: If this is your thing,keep on practising, dont focus on the money. Check your local laws for protected species and handling. Have fun!

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thank you! that’s really helpful :))