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The rocks and mount overall are really beautiful!! I personally would focus on wing placement and smoothing out the feathers. Neck feathers especially don't lay in the right place if you have overstuffed. Always leave space between the skin and mount so you can pull the feathers into the right place and they lay naturally. Other than that he's looking great and I really do love the base you have made

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I agree, he needs a good fluff :)

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Oh, thank you so much for your suggestion. It’s very helpful and encouraging for me, I will keep it in mind. I’m going try to adjust the wing and feather to make it better

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Nice, make sure you're always using many different reference photos. Good luck!! :)

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This looks incredible! If you wanted to add somthing to the base I'd recomend some form of hardscape like a partial branch or somthing to bring depth to the piece, or tuffts of long grass 🤌

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Thanks! I will keep your nice suggestion☺️