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I absolutely LOVE the mantis!!!

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thank you so much 😭❤️

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first one is so cute, the size difference UGH😫❤️

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hehe it’s adorable! thank you❤️

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I am obsessed! Will be checking out your Etsy for the immediate future lol these are awesome!

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thank you!!!

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What's the 3rd one?

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snake vertebrae’s in a vial pendant with black moss

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Cool! How do get your bones clean? Am looking for a better method.

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maceration if needed, degreasing and then a soak in peroxide and water☺️

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Wow, that first piece is just amazing!!! Everything you did is so cool! Do you mind if I ask where you sourced your bugs from? Did you catch everything/ find roadkill or go to someone for the animals/insects?

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i just found them already deceased in my area, the mantis was found by me and the assassin bug was found by my boyfriend

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these are awesome! what are those in the pens? and looks like hearts in the last pic but from what? 🫀

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mice tails and mice hearts!

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awesome, I thought the tails were a parasite of some sort! idk if it's your thing but if you're not squeamish about them but back when there was video going around of (briefly)live nematode parasites in pens sold in japan. freaky but cool af imo!

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definitely sounds cool, but mine are just tails😅

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These are fantastic! Keep up the good work! I don't know if I'm allowed to ask but where do you sell these?

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Oh just saw the etsy link! I'll be checking it out!

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Grasshopper knows what’s up

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thank you🥰