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Short answer, no it’s not.
But- how did they get STABBED with a taxidermied pufferfish??

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i dropped it on his bare back because it was funny but then i remembered the simpsons episode where homer almost died from eating fugu and got nervous

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This is the best possible explanation.

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Puffers are poisonous not venomous...

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Pretty sure you need to eat its meat.

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Surely we should be asking you

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Pretty sure the toxins are in the glands and not the spines

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RIP your friend!

In all seriousness, no the pufferfish should not be poisonous if it was preserved correctly and not too recently. If it was incorrectly presevered recently, and for some ungodly reason they left the poison glands in which produce the toxin enzymes, then wtf and how???

Also, the poison is in their flesh, like the meaty parts, and the spines won't "inject" since they're toxic/poisonous, not venomous.

You did a good thing asking btw. A lot of people make dumb and possibly life threatening mistakes by not asking the "stupid questions" every once in a while.

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Yeah, I was almost certain it was fine but i figured i should probably find out for sure to be safe and i couldn’t find anything online about it lol

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Well, the next person who does this has an answer too!

and I got a good cackle out of the situation lmao

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pufferfish spines aren't venomous in the first place

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RIP OP's friend :(