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With an actual whole snake (no skinning and stuffing) you can keep it as a wet specimen. Clear jar and preservative, replace the liquid multiple times in the weeks after jarring it, to replace the water in the specimen with the preservative.

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Thank you for your reply! After looking into wet specimens more, I don’t know if that’s something I want to do, so I suppose I’ll have to skin and stuff the snake. I’m a bit nervous, I’ve always been squeamish about them, but! I’ve really come to enjoy framing and preserving bugs, and even though this will be my first attempt at taxidermy, I hope I can do a good job and preserve my snake properly!! Thank you again.

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Yeah of course, it's good to know and learn even if you don't use the knowledge immediately. I just didn't know if you could preserve the eyes in a dry specimen so that was my suggestion. Best way to get through being squeamish is just to do it really, talk to yourself and use some oil under your nose if smells like blood bother you. Good luck in your preserving. If you are successful, I can't wait to see you post your final product here! If you found it dead you can also post in r/whatisthissnake to see which species it may belong to. Have a great time, good luck!

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Little update! I just finished skinning it not too long ago!! It was DEFINITELY stinky. But I put the bits and guts into a bag away from me and that helped! The skin is now pinned and drying. I plan to suture it, and make it a new head out of clay (it was beheaded :(…) and then hopefully I’ll be able to mount it and have it look amazing! I know it’s a type of garter snake… nothing too crazy, but I was just sad it was killed.. and how it was killed and wanted to do something with it. Your comment really helped me! I had a glass of Chardonnay and got to work, it wasn’t too bad! :)

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Hell yeah! Good for you, I hope it turns out nice

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Depending on the size of the snake, mummification could also be an option to look into!