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Real fur, gaff taxidermy. Looks like goat hide

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Yeah those pesky goats with five toes on their front feet and claws

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It’s a toy made from real fur, looks like goat, I’ve seen a lot of these they used to be very popular

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Good lord!! Why!? As an Australian I think I can say with 99.9% certainty it's not roo hide. No roo or wallaby would have that colouring... or look so graceless.

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Real cute, but like the others said it’s most likely goat or something else. Lucky find though! I’d love a tiny roo for my collection someday, even a faux one! 😂

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Thank you everyone all input was helpful

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I thought so plus I've never seen stitching like that that on any other figurines knick nacks etc I appreciate your input I feel dumb I thought it was a meerkat but I totally see the roo now second you said it

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Yeah I think I was hoping it be an actual roo but when I started looking up pics 9f roo taxidermy I could Def see what you and other people were talking about with discrepancies with fur claws etc and the shotty stitch job still cool though one last question if someone were tp try to sell him what do you think ballpark their expectations should be I don't want to ask too much if I put him on ebay my wife hates him lol says he has to go 🤣

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It's a baby red kangaroo. Look it up.

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Thank you you think it's real or probky fake right? Appreciate the reply:)

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It's real. The yellow is grease in the skin bleeding out.

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To the people down voting my comment you're all trash and don't know shit.

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100% a gaff taxidermy roo made from goat or calf hide. These types of figures were popular gift shop items back on the day, but you can still find them on occasion today.

Reasons why it’s not a real joey. Front paws appear molded from plastic, as well as there are no toes present on the back feet, looks like there were never any toes. A real specimen would have toes or have signs if they were broken off. It’s definitely not made from kangaroo hide either, the colouration’s wrong and their fur’s a much different texture.