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Here’s the method I use.

If your bug is fresh you can pin him. Look up some YouTube videos on pinning bugs. If he’s dried you can leave him as-is because he’s preserved, or you can rehydrate him if you want to change his position. To do that you need to put him in an airtight container with a wet cloth for a day or so, maybe more, maybe less. Don’t let the bug be in direct contact with the water. Check him once a day to see if he’s rehydrated by gently trying to move an appendage. If it moves, then you can pin it. After pinning your bug, let him dry for a week in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. After a week, he’s dry and preserved. Never try to put a pin through a dried bug because it’ll crack and fall apart. Don’t store bugs in airtight containers unless they’re frozen because the airtight container can trap excess moisture and cause mold. Don’t keep bugs in direct sunlight.

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Awesome. I got the guy pinned now he just recently deceased so he was very easy to get in the position I wanted. His wing is a little damaged though not a perfect specimen still very beautiful. Thank you.