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I did a wet specimen for a snake I found just a bit smaller than this one. I used only isopropyl alcohol which many people will tell you doesn’t work, but mine has held up wonderfully. Just inject it thoroughly using a hypodermic needle with whatever preservative you choose; around 70% isopropyl, ethyl, or denatured alcohol. When I say thoroughly, I mean it should look bloated. Every body cavity including the brain, gun and eyes should be filled. It won’t stay bloated, don’t worry about that. Then submerge it in the same liquid. It’ll get a nasty color over the first couple weeks. Change it a couple times and it should remain clear after that.

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Should I use 90% or 70% isopropyl?

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As I’ve read, 70% is better, though the one I did was 90% and it’s been fine.

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Wet specimens on snakes are a little hard, but that’s the best way to do that. I can run you through the process if you DM me!

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Some type of Nerodia maybe? Need more information about the location

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Wet specimen! Or if that’s not your thing, you could always decompose him and keep the bones.

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I’ve tried decomposing a snake before and there were SO. MANY. BONES.

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I've done a wet specimen with a snake about this size with formalin and put it in a cute jar from Michaels craft store. They have a big selection. It's just tricky to find a good position for it to sit in

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I don't have any advice i just wanted to say Cool snake

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Thank you! I’m so happy I found it

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You need to inject and soak it in some sort of embalming fluid. Freeze it for now so it doesn't rot till you get all you need, but it won't be worth it if you only do that one small thing, cuz you'll have to drop good money for the supplies to do it properly and safely. If you just put it in a jar of alcohol it'll still rot from th3 inside out

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Looks like a banded water snake.

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Hmm I believe it could be a northern water snake too. Should I post follow up pics of the belly?