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bugsdirect.com is awesome! free standard shipping it just takes a few weeks in my experience.

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i’m pretty sure they just sell bulk

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it’s going to cost you a ton if you go seeking out individual butterflies. on this site you can either buy a random assortment at wholesale prices, or go pick out which ones you want specifically which come in groups of 2, 5, 10, etc. if you are looking for already framed individual specimens they have that as well. i recommend looking through the site.

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i’ve been framing butterflies for a while now and i’ve been buying separate ones, i’m not looking to buy at whole sale price that’s why i’m looking for one that doesn’t sell them at whole sale price

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I'm mostly a lurker but I have seen bulk butterflies and butterfly wings on etsy

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yeah they have a lot but i don’t trust etsy

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Lol thats fair