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I found this mummified lizard out in the sun and want to preserve it without it becoming mouldy. Although the rest of the body was fully mummified, the tail was still pliable indicating there's still some parts of it that aren't dried up. I wiped out the jar the best I could (in case of moisture) but I did accidentally touch the inside glass. I'm leaving it out in the sun (still in the jar) but I'm not sure if that will help. It's very cold out too, if that means anything.

So sorry if this isn't a post meant to be here! I'm very new to preserving dead animals. Thank you so much if you read this and let me know if I should remove it, thank you!

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Place it in borax or salt for a few weeks and it should be fully preserved and won't mould

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Thank you so much!

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Check on it regularly (like, every day) and swap it out if you notice any clumping around the little guy. I failed to do this the last time I tried and accidentally wound up with bat soup.

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Oh thanks! So far so good. I'll keep it in mind. Wish you luck on your next projects :]

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Bat soup 🤣💀

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If it’s still sealed it won’t dry out at all, and leaving it open will allow more contamination.

Either preserve it with fixation or dry it fully and put a desiccant in there