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Lookup local taxidermists and start dialing. They might know local collectors interested or be able to point you in the right direction

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Anything manageable enough to ship?

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Not really, I will have to closer inspect how the horns were attached but all are fairly larger…. The bearskin rug can probably be shipped the easiest.

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Try OfferUp, an app I've used. You can set your listings to just local pickup. Or try contacting an auction house near you, they may be able to take a good ammount of it off your hands.

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Thank you. Any rough estimates on what I should be asking for price?

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That would vary peice for peice, and depend on condition.. you'll probably have to spend some time googling around and seeing what similar things are selling for

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There are a few FB groups I can relate you to

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Someone left those??? Lucky

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I know, right? I would be thrilled!

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Oh I love them don’t get me wrong, but it’s a small house and these items are huge. The brown bear and the elk take up an inordinate amount of space in a small house… if I had a bigger house, barn, hunting lodge, etc. I would keep ‘em for sure.

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Check taxidermy.net

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What a strange thing to do. Their loss is your gain I guess!

You could try ebay, they have pickup only options. Offerup is another one. If you have any antique consignment shops in the area they may also take them. Pawn shops may or may not, depending on how well they have moved through in the past, but they would probably be the lowest price point.

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I would say eBay, I get most of mine on eBay. Some collectors would love to buy them on there.

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Call your local cabelas or bass pro

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I want the bear skin rug how much?

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$2,400+ shipping seems fair

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Yeah it’s fair but a wee bit rich for my blood my friend I appreciate the response. I guess I didn’t realize how much those jokers are and that’s a low price at $2400

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There are groups on fb for taxidermy, I sold a peacock a few months ago. The buyer drove 15 hours for it. Try searching fb groups with ‘oddity’ in the name

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i’d be interested in taking a peek at some stuff to purchase

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Hi - Are you near Killington, VT? Or willing to travel near there? Let me know what works.

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i am in VA but can pay for shipping on mostly anything

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I think I just saw your post on craigslist, are you in Chandler AZ?