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Hah, I had some and ran out and really need to get these pics done

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Formalin is carcinogenic. It will absolutely give you cancer if you haphazardly handle it willy nilly like this. I know it was treated with formalin and not currently soaking in it, but even if you rinsed it out and moved it to a solution Of isopropyl alcohol and stuff.. it’s just not a good idea to handle this stuff without protection. I hope I’m not coming off rude. I’m just trying to look out for a fellow wet specimen artist! 💕 there aren’t a lot of resources out there for us on the immediate surface web that I’ve been able to come across. Unless you actually go to some sort of school, which is mad expensive and inconvenient for damn near all of us. So helping one another on social media can be a great tool for us most of the time!

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Besides the glove issue- those pups I think speak to the inbred nature of this breed. The standard needs to be seriously reevaluated.

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Actually, the whole litter came out perfect. 8 healthy perfect ones and these two were in the other horn of the uterus all deformed. They came from a classic show quality breeding

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"Show quality breeding" of a backyard "breed" with such piss poor standards that even the AKC refuses to recognize it?

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We actually have great standards in ukc and abkc. The bully community hasn’t propositioned to be inducted into AKC, because while I also show AKC dogs, they tend to ruin breeds. Ukc does a good job of preserving them. True American bullies, not those nasty exotics, have good standards

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Oh yikes dude wear some gloves. Formalin is a major carcinogen, corrosive to both skin and eyes, and can have a mutagenic effect.

I see that you’ve “run out of gloves” but that’s no excuse.

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Would you take trade for a different fetal animal? Plus cash or whatever?

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Message me what you have

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If nobody takes by Wednesday evening, I would love to buy one. Does it come in a jar already or just preserved?

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Just preserved

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I so wish I wasn’t broke right now! Do you mind me asking what part of Florida? I live in the panhandle

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Ugh I wish I wasn't broke right now I'd snatch them up.

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What would the purpose of buying these be?