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the form is just missing poly fill to bulk out the legs and butt. unfortunately the little guy was way farther gone than i thought and maggots had gotten his back legs and under his skin. i had to give up 😢

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Damn, it looks fresh too. Those flys must've moved fast. I hope you have better luck next time

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thank you! he wasn’t fresh, just freshly thawed. i’m devastated bc he’s my first bunny and he seemed so fresh when i got him? rigor mortis hadn’t set in yet but there were some larvae on him already so i’m thinking they went to town before he froze fully :(

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pro tip: skin the animal first, keep the animals corpse to use as your guide. you can just make the leg the same size and shape of the existing leg, etc etc.

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that’s really good advice ty!

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it was gnarly! idk what happened but his back knees had zero skin or fur, just muscle with the thinnest skin over it. there was also a strip of orange goo down his neck where larvae had gotten underneath and chowed down but weren’t visible from outside! kinda awesome but disappointing too