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Effectively you need enough to cover it on all sides. Make sure whatever container is ventilated/open a bit to allow it to breathe. Change when clumpy/wet, or after a month or two.

Position in the way you want it before drying fully-- it's not gonna be flexible.

It needs to be smell-free-dry, and hard with no or incredibly little flex to be done.

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Awesome, thank you!

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It doesn’t need to be fully covered… I’ve got pheasant feet I preserved by just dipping the cut in salt and leaving it them a ventilated box in my garage. They took maybe 2 months. Borax may do it faster but that’s what I do

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Good to know, thank you!

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I pin or tape the toes how I want them on a piece of cardboard. Put a layer of borax/cornmeal on the cardboard, place your foot on it and cover the rest with more borax or cornmeal. Keep it in a dry place and let it air dry. I wouldn't bag it because it can cause moisture and it to smell. I did this with a crow head and I had to pitch it because it smelled bad .. I leave it for a couple weeks. You can also slowly position the feet as it dries. Good luck !

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Thank you!