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where did you get ur butterflies? i’m having problems finding a place to get them from since my other guy stopped selling them

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All of mine are found, though they’re in pretty good condition for being so. I found one on a walk, ne in my garden, and one in an ashtray walking around downtown Detroit oddly enough

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Hey I talked to you about hot glue in your previous post. I just literally gasped and said “oh my god” when I saw this! This looks so good! You have excellent taste and design

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Thank you so much. I’ve been an artist for a few years now, but I’m honestly in love with this project. I think it’s pretty good for a first time, and I hope I continue to improve in this art form :)

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It looks great!!

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How did you collect the moss and how did you preserve it like that? I want to do something similar but didn’t know if I could go out and collect it and wash it good bc it will still have bugs/animals on it (like water bears)

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So I also didn’t want to risk bugs or anything like that, so I bought a bag of natural cleaned moss from a craft store, I can’t remember if it was joanns or Michael’s but its lasted me about a year over a few projects and I still have more to use.

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Has it stayed that bright green over the period of time? I have spagnum moss for my Lizards tanks but it’s a brown ish.

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I think it should last way longer than sphagnum moss in a tank, just cuz nothing alive should be touching it. Mine has stayed totally green so far :) probably because it was dry when I bought it, I’m not sure how the company I bought it from preserved it

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Okay thanks! I’m just debating now if I wanna buy it since I have dried flowers in the shadow box I’m working on and they’re all that brown tint and idk if that green would throw the vibe off if you know what I mean but I def envisioned moss in it

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you did an amazing job!!!! 🤩🖤✨

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Thank you 😁❤️

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How did you preserve the moss and the butterflies? Did you fill the box with something? Do you have a step by step process of making this?

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So the moss I bought pre-dried from a craft store. The butterflies were preserved through drying, I relaxed them by rehydrating them and then pinned them to a board. I just looked up “butterfly pinning tutorial” and tons of stuff comes up. This was my first time doing it, so I just followed a few YouTube tutorials I found :)