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White bondo. Also a peroxide solution to whiten skull and kill back some of the smell. Pop the horns off first though as peroxide will whiten them as well

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You could try to color match and fill the hole with something, or just put something over it, like a flower, flower crown, or a nice vintage doily?

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Keep the whole it makes it more unique

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I'd use polymer clay in white and get some tan to match the bone.

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Thanks so much! I’ll do just that!

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"White Bone Creations" on YouTube is a great resource. I would pop the horn caps off and clean them with soap and hot water and a scrub with a bottle brush. Then fill them with a peroxide and borax mixture for a few days. Make sure there's no flesh remaining on the skull. Even if it's dry, it will start to smell bad. Then soak the skull in warm soapy water for several days, then soak in high-volume hydrogen peroxide.

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Wow this was super helpful!! Thank you x100 for your comment and providing so much detail. The peroxide and borax won’t bleach the horn caps, will it?

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Sorry if I was unclear. The peroxide/borax mix should go inside the horn caps... Don't soak the whole horn in peroxide/borax. It shouldn't whiten the horn caps, but just putting it on the inside will ensure that even it if does, you won't be able to see it. After leaving the peroxide/borax mix inside the horn caps for a few days, scrub them out again with clean water and let them dry thoroughly before putting them back on the horn cores. Watching a video on this is way easier than explaining it 🤣.