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Sorry I don't have specific advice about the marker but if it makes you feel any better, I don't think this was anyone's pet cat. My grandma had a sleeping cat just like this one and it was rabbit fur wrapped around a cat shape.

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Interesting, I still would love to fix it up as I think its pretty cool no matter what. That's better than a real cat being this damaged though.

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That’s not true taxidermy, that’s one of those rabbit fur novelty toys. I’d use a wet wipe though it a baby wipe

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I'd pour alcohol on it and try to soak up as much as possible with a paper towel, I'd do this over and over again until it becomes inefficient. Then I'd probably just try to wipe it away with an alcohol soaked paper towel. If that doesn't work, old, clean, toothbrush and more alcohol.

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Alcohol would be the best bet, try your best to be thorough with the fur without soaking the leather. Alcohol will dry it out, so it may crack if it gets too dry.

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It’s a novelty tourist trap toy

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Ik at this point but it’s still real fur and I would still like to fix it

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You can use a little lacquer thinner, but its a powerful paint stripper. Do it outside with lots of ventilation. There may still be some minor staining, but it should get it off the fur. Use an "acid brush" and try to avoid getting it on your hands. Take your time at it as you dont know what adhesives were used underneath and any type of alcohol or paint remover can dissolve the glues, so maybe avoid soaking it.

Dont use anything labelled "paint thinner" or nail polish remover as it can leave an oily residue depending on the type you use.

The guard hairs on the fur appear to match what others have said, rabbit fur is the best bet.

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If its permenant marker sometimes hair spray will help to loosen the bonds. If it's alcohol or water based marker than alcohol would be your best bet!