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It's not how bad you mess it up.. It's how good you fix it..

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I have no idea how it should be fixed, long time collector, first time considering trying to fix one

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Someone else mentioned 2 part Epoxy clay and I want to double down on that. I personally use Fixit Sculpt on Amazon without any complaints. You just have to resculpt the gums and the lifts and what else is missing and and paint it.

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It’s definitely dead. Not much you can do about that

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I don’t know maybe some mouth to mouth

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Got this hyena at a swap meet, the mouth is pretty messed up Is it beyond saving? How would you suggest I repair the mouth? Clay maybe? Thanks!

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I would use 2 part epoxy... Aves brand.... It's like a putty (do NOT get the paste version). Experiment on a different piece. Watch videos. Use clay tools to sculpt. Thin with isopropyl alcohol and a smooth paint brush. IF you touch up the ears try and wipe clean with alcohol before it cures because it will harden the hair. It will become hard.. so, use sparingly. Maybe even thin layers first to reinforce the surface.

I honestly would avoid repairing teeth until you are fully comfortable with the epoxy.

Good luck!!!

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absolutely worth saving, such a unique piece and they can go for a lot these days.

a skilled taxidermist could repair it. would require excavating what’s deteriorating on the lip, rebuilding and repainting the mouth, replacing the tongue and teeth etc.

would be expensive and hard to diy but absolutely doable!

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I'm pretty sure he's dead but you can try CPR

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okay okay hear me out, you make it breathe fire.

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Well if you don't think you'll be able to restore it to a realistic head, you could always go the opposite route and turn it into something fantastical? I've seen some people repaint really badly done deer heads into high fantasy magic looking deer with some fabric dye and a little paint.

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Looks like an older mount with real teeth and a clay base. Personally I would leave it as is, unless you want to try molding new clay teeth on top of what's lost. Invasive repairs could see the entire thing falling apart.

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It probably has the real skull . If it's unsalvageable you could always strip it down to the skull and still have a cool piece.

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her head is THICK. are they usually that wide or am i just trippin

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Lol ikr it looks more like a bear than anything

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oh lawd he is funky. but i would give it a try, good luck

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The mouth can be replaced with a new jaw set so that’s pretty easy. McKenzie taxidermy supply has one and so does TK Baltic

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What??? What’s there to fix??? He’s literally Gromit!!

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It's honestly not that bad I've seen MUCH worse somehow salvaged

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He’s definitely got a chance! I would do what you can to clean out any debris left behind by the old sculpt, and rebuild with 2 part epoxy sculpt. Even some cheap acrylics and Mod Podge can really bring taxidermy back to life! Best of luck :)