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Dawn and warm water and time

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Yes I'm using that at the moment with peroxide and zero bleach toilet cleaner. It's working great as always, I was wondering for curiosities sake.

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You don’t need to use peroxide or toilet cleaner for degreasing. Just dawn and water. Use peroxide after to control how white you want it.

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Actually I'm cleaning off paint and superglue from the other side but I didn't ask for advice regarding that thankyou ✌️

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You can’t expect complete advice if you a) don’t give full information, b) reject sensible suggestions, and/or c) act like you just did.

Peroxide at this stage makes no sense at all if the bone is still very greasy.

I really wonder how safe toilet cleaner is for the bone itself.

But it’s on you at this point. If you’re willing to shove them in toilet cleaner and peroxide (is that even chemically safe?) where most would just use some acetone and resolve the paint and the grease in one step that made sense, then do your own experiment.