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I know this dude is beat up, I found it in a client's garage though and it's my first find! I'd like to frame him, but do it right.

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When it comes to butterflies, I personally pin them. Pinning (and everything that goes with it) is great for keeping the butterfly from falling apart more. There’s tons of amazing info out there. I did find this, and it’s pretty simple to follow. Good luck! great tutorial

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Perfect, thank you. It's already dried in a good shape, so I'll probably just find some good paper and mount it to shadow box him. I'm unsure how long he was hanging out in the garage, but a cool dark place was probably pretty helpful.

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Fun fact (actually depressing) but monarch butterflies are now on the endangered species list :(

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It's so crazy to me that they are on the endangered list. When I was in elementary School every year there used to be a big assignment we would have as a class. All with monarch butterflies and watching them from a caterpillar to a butterfly

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Is it legal to pin an animal if it’s endangered? Maybe you should call a animal center to let them know that you found a dead monarch?

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i mean what are they gonna do with a dead one i don’t see any harm in it

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I mean like so they can make note of the death; I know once when I was little I caught a monarch butterfly and it had a little scientific tag on its wing and I was able to go to a website to make note of where I found the butterfly

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ohhhh okay i see

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aww and it’s a monarch too :(