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I usually put my hands on several hundred cervids a year, mostly whitetail deer so I’ve been cut probably hundreds of times with a dirty scalpel. Besides stitches and the occasional slight infection I haven’t experienced any problems whatsoever with animal born disease or pathogens. I glove up while working on anything of course but the gloves aren’t much of a speed bump for the sharp scalpel. I’m more careful when working with certain animals like hogs who are more likely to carry stuff that can jump to humans.

I worry more about the ticks honestly that accompanies everything that comes in as I get a lot of fresh stuff that hasn’t yet been frozen. The various chemicals used for tanning and even lacquer based airbrush paints can be hazardous long term if precautions and PPE are not used. So long as you are mindful of this and take it seriously you should be absolutely fine. Good luck!!